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Sorkin’s secret to writing Steve Jobs movie? Panic

By taking place as a series of backstage vignettes at different product launches, the upcoming Steve Jobs movie is sure to be different to any other Jobs movie we’ve seen before. In a new interview, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin laid out his reasons for writing the movie in the way he did. The secret? A whole […]

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17 secret iOS 9 tricks everyone should know

Once you get your iPhone upgraded to iOS 9, you might be overwhelmed. While iOS 9 doesn’t pack a lot of grand new visual features, the update does include tons of little tricks that make using your iPhone and iPad even more ridiculously easy to use. Here are all the secret iOS 9 tricks every […]

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You know how McDonald’s (allegedly) has a secret menu? Plenty of people have heard about it, some use it frequently and bask in its glory, but most just stick to the regular menu. That seems an awful lot like how 3D Touch could pan out. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the first […]

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If you travel a lot, iOS 9 and El Capitan, both currently in beta, have a hidden feature just for you. The latest operating systems from Apple offer a new data detector, similar to the ones that can detect a phone number or address in the Mail, Notes, or Messages apps. If you have a […]

Apple signed a secret 4K video deal with Sony in 2013

Apple may not have any immediate plans to support 4K content in its next-generation Apple TV, but if true, the decision wasn’t one the company came to lightly without weighing up all the options. In fact, according to a document leaked… Read more ›

#ProTip: One simple secret for designing better things

Cult of Mac is at WWDC and AltConf, fishing for ProTips. The world’s biggest gathering of Apple developers is a rich hunting ground filled with alpha geeks, experts par excellence. What’s a ProTip? A ProTip is a nugget of knowledge,… Read more ›

Court keeps cellphone network ‘kill switch’ a secret

It only took one sentence for the United States Court of Appeals to keep the federal government’s emergency plan to disable cellular service a secret. It was a very long sentence, but it got the job done. This ruling reinforces… Read more ›

The retail Apple Watch may still have its secret port

Last month, we reported that the Apple Watch boasted a secret port that could be used in the future to unlock cool accessories… and, maybe, jailbreak the Apple Watch. Later reports, though, indicated that this port was an Apple-only diagnostic… Read more ›

How to unlock iOS 8.3’s secret Spock emoji

iOS 8.3 includes some huge advancements to emoji with the inclusion of more racially diverse characters, but Star Trek fans might be more interested in a new emoji that makes it easier to tell your friends to “live long, and… Read more ›

ICYMI: Inside Apple’s secret health lab

This week, Alex has a quick look inside Apple’s secret health lab, Leander has some of his own thoughts about the hot new Becoming Steve Jobs book, Luke has important info about how hackers are brute-forcing simple passwords, Rob gives… Read more ›