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Justice Department may be forced to disclose iPhone hacking secrets

The U.S. Department of Justice briefly gained the upper hand over Apple this week when it made it clear that it was in no rush to reveal how it hacked the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino shooting case — thereby stopping Apple from plugging that particular vulnerability. However, it seems that Apple’s […]

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Ex-TSMC employee sued for spilling chip secrets to Samsung

  Knowing how much is at stake, things can get pretty vicious when you’re a manufacturer with a shot at providing Apple with vital components for its next generation iPhone. We’ve known for some time that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.…Read more ›

Avatar Secrets shows how one woman found wisdom in a video game

Can you truly find yourself in a video game? Canadian filmmaker and professor Ramona Pringle thinks so. After her mother got sick and she broke up with her New York boyfriend, she spent a year playing World of Warcraft, a…Read more ›

Sony hack reveals dirty secrets behind Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie

If Aaron Sorkin had his way, Tom Cruise would be Steve Jobs. That’s one of the juicy details to have surfaced from leaked emails between Sorkin and Sony, the studio Sorkin had originally partnered with to make the film. The leaks also reveal…Read more ›

ICYMI: Gaming’s most innovative players, Apple Watch secrets, and more!

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ICYMI: Jony Ive’s design secrets, sexy iPhone 6 cases, and easy GIF creation

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12 design secrets spilled by Jony Ive

Jony Ive made a rare public appearance at the Design Museum in London yesterday, where he discussed a range of topics with museum director Deyan Sudjic. Everything from the future of design, to Jony’s work at Apple popped up in…Read more ›

Apple slaps suppliers with a $50m fine for leaking secrets

Apple’s bankrupt sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technologies might have stayed quiet about the reasons for the bankruptcy, but a few details are nonetheless starting to emerge. Two of the most intriguing tidbits concerning the case regard the cost of sapphire…Read more ›

Stealth clothing collection stops your devices spilling your secrets

Particularly on the back of the recent iCloud account hacking scandal, smartphone security is something a lot of people are paying more attention to. With that in mind, a London-based designer recently launched an intriguing Kickstarter campaign, to create a clothing…Read more ›

Secret’s about to get more secretive with upcoming app update

Secret, the iPhone app that is supposed to let users share secrets anonymously, is nowhere nearly as anonymous as it first appears. But an upcoming update to the app is looking to beef up the app’s anonymity, by banning real…Read more ›