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Security Update 2015-003 for OS X Yosemite Released

Apple has released an important security update for OS X Yosemite users. Labeled as “Security Update 2015-003 1.0, the update is available to all Macs running OS X Yosemite 10.10.2. The easiest way to install the update is through the Mac Software Update mechanism, accessible from the  Apple menu > App Store > Updates … Read More

Apple has released a group of important security updates for the Mac Safari web browser, versioned as Safari 8.0.4 for OS X Yosemite, Safari 7.1.4 for OS X Mavericks, and Safari 6.2.4 for OS X Mountain Lion. The notes accompanying the download are brief, simply recommending the security update for all Mac users as it … Read More

The Ultimate Security Bundle is a web security triple threat: Fight against web threats and hackers using software, third party security services, and training that’ll prepare you to protect yourself for now and into the future. Now you can get the… Read more ›

CIA spends years trying to break Apple’s security

The CIA has been been involved in a multi-year effort to crack iOS security, according to new information provided to The Intercept by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The attempts have been the focal point of multiple yearly CIA conferences called “The Jamboree.” Among… Read more ›

Apple has released an important security update for Mac users running a variety of versions of OS X. Labeled as “Security Update 2015-02″, the small update weighs in around 60MB and is available now for OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks, and OS X Mountain Lion. Mac users should install the available security update as … Read More

It’s not just technology and environmental credentials where Apple’s helping lead the way; the company is also doing its bit to secure the futures of those service employees working further down the payscale in Silicon Valley. Like many tech companies,… Read more ›

A newly discovered security bug has secretly left Safari users on both iOS and OS X vulnerable to attacks on hundreds of thousands of websites for years. The ‘FREAK’ security flaw was exposed today by a group of nine researchers… Read more ›

With the White Hat Security Hacker Bundle, you will learn the skills needed to protect your online presence from those who would do you  harm. For a limited time, you can get the White Hat Security Hacker Bundle at 92%… Read more ›

Apple Pay has already become the top mobile wallet at a number of stores, but now Apple’s about to take on the great outdoors. During his address at today’s White House cyber security summit, Tim Cook announced that starting in… Read more ›

Apple wasn’t kidding when it said Apple Pay would transform mobile payments. Built around easy of use and security, Apple Pay is the industry’s first solution that benefits users and banks. The security aspect of Apple Pay has been especially crucial to… Read more ›