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Apple Pay has already become the top mobile wallet at a number of stores, but now Apple’s about to take on the great outdoors. During his address at today’s White House cyber security summit, Tim Cook announced that starting in… Read more ›

Apple wasn’t kidding when it said Apple Pay would transform mobile payments. Built around easy of use and security, Apple Pay is the industry’s first solution that benefits users and banks. The security aspect of Apple Pay has been especially crucial to… Read more ›

Silicon Valley’s top CEOs snubbed Obama’s appearance at Stanford today for the White House Cyber Security Summit, but Apple CEO Tim Cook used his invite to make his case for improving security. Cook addressed attendees before Obama took the stage… Read more ›

The smartphone as personal security guard

With the number of smartphone muggings high enough to earn the crime its own category in the police stats, holding a pricey little computer in your hands is like toting a big target. However, you could also be holding a… Read more ›

Apple has released important security updates for Mac users who are continuing to run OS X Mavericks (10.9.5) and OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5). The updates are versioned as “Security Update 2015-001″ for both system software versions and are recommended for all Mac users running prior releases of OS X. Additionally, new versions of Safari … Read More

This week, Leander breaks a story about how Apple’s secret product plans could be found using a little known web portal for retailers, Buster calls out a respected Apple analyst for a sketchy prediction, Stephen gets the skinny on removing… Read more ›

Incredibly sloppy security at one of Apple’s key suppliers exposed some of Cupertino’s most closely guarded secrets to anybody who could conduct a simple Google search. For months, one of Quanta Computer‘s internal databases could be accessed using usernames and… Read more ›

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful Cult of Mac readers. This week, we’ve yet again compiled our best content right in one place for you to enjoy over the weekend. We’ve got the top security tips for getting… Read more ›

We all make compromises daily when it comes to online security. Everybody wants to be safe and secure when making purchases online, but practically none of us do everything necessary to keep our data secure. “People, myself included, are basically… Read more ›

Internet security is an everpresent topic, especially so because of recent events. For those who have been living an under a rock, this month Sony was the victim of a horrendous cyber attack that compromised private emails and forced them… Read more ›