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Apple seeking another supplier to help build Apple Watch 2

Apple is seeking out another manufacturer to help build its upcoming Apple Watch 2, according to a newly published report, citing supply chain insiders. While Apple currently relies on Quanta Computer to build its first-gen wearable device, the company is said to also be speaking with Inventec, Wistron and Foxconn Electronics — all companies Cupertino […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Seeking An Engineering Manager To Help With Next-Generation Apple TV


Along with the recent job listing with hints that Apple might bring USB 3.0 support to iOS devices, there’s a second notable job listing that Apple posted today that relates to the future of Apple TV.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors lately that Apple wants to beef up the Apple TV and possibly add more apps and a developer SDK. The creator of the Xbox even thinks Apple can squash  [Read More…]

Intel Seeking to Incorporate New Medfield Chips in Apple’s iOS Devices

According to the folks over at†The Telegraph, Intel recently unveiled new Medfield chips in the iPhone. According to Dave Whalen, vice president of Intelís architecture group, Intel has spoken to Apple (amongst other manufacturers) about using the new Medfield chips in iOS devices. It was clarified by Whalen that it isnít just the iOS platform the company is targeting. Although it is a possibility, it doesnít seem very likely for Apple to move to Intel  [Read More…]

Samsung Already Seeking Injunction Against iPhone 4S

Apple announced the iPhone 4S yesterday and Samung is already attempting to ban the sale of the device in France and Italy. Samsung filed requests for a preliminary injunction against the iPhone 4S in both countries over intellectual property infringement today. Samsungís announcement leaves out any mention of specific patents theyíre suing Apple over, but they could be the same patents Samsung is using in a another suit against Apple making its way through the  [Read More…]

Samsung Is Seeking To Ban iPhone and 3G iPad In Netherlands

Samsung is looking forward to ban any Apple 3G capable device which mean the iPhone and 3G iPads from sale in Netherlands. According to Nu.nl report. 1801 Recently we reported that Samsung has decided that they will not stay quite anymore in their patent war with Apple. And it seems like Samsung is really striking  [Read More…]

Apple Seeking Expanded Access to iTunes Downloads Across All iOS Devices

Click the image to open in full size. Apple is said to be actively engaged in negotiations with four major record labels to give iOS device users something they desperately want – expanded access to their digital music across all of their iOS devices. As a result, progress is apparently being made, the eventual outcome of which could be a new agreement between Apple and its largest digital music providers by the middle of  [Read More…]

Apple Seeking Rigorous Mac OS X Lion Security Review

Click the image to open in full size. Apple is yielding the floor to various security experts for the sole purpose of looking into the company’s Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. This marks the first known occasion in which Apple has paraded its new software to anyone outside of its immediate community of developers. It has been confirmed that Apple is, indeed, inviting no shortage of esteemed security researchers to thoroughly scrutinize the security  [Read More…]