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Are Android security scares really as bad as they seem?

After the discovery of several dangerous flaws in a few short weeks, Android’s security — or lack thereof — has been big news. Google has acted quickly to eliminate the Stagefright flaw that left 95% of Android devices vulnerable to attack, but others have since wormed their way out of the woodwork. Now fans are asking how these […][Read More…]

Add custom replies to Apple Watch, seem less robotic

Messaging is one of the best use cases for Apple Watch – you get a message, you dictate a reply, you get on with your day. Apple has included several pre-written responses for you to use when you’re just too…Read more ›

Why iOS 8 may seem slow even on modern devices

Accusations that iOS 8 is slower than Apple’s previous mobile operating systems have circulated since the software debuted in 2014. Although it works great most of the time on my iPhone 6 Plus, you don’t have to look far to find people…Read more ›

ICYMI: iPad haters’ initial complaints seem ridiculous 5 years on

This week, Luke details all the ways those original iPad haters were utterly wrong on the fifth anniversary of Apple’s category-busting tablet, Luke has a sneak peek at the stunning mural for a new Apple retail store in Chongqing, China,…Read more ›

iPad haters’ initial complaints seem ridiculous 5 years on

Five years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. A giant screen with one button, the iPad represented possibly the purest distillation of Jobs’ tech dreams. Yet at the time it was met with derision. “I got about 800 messages in the last 24…Read more ›

Gritty Automata trailer makes the robot uprising seem inevitable

Gabe Ibañez directs and Antonio Banderas stars in this gritty, realistic near-future sci-fi flick, Automata. The premise is that, in 2004, robots have found a way to circumvent built-in Protocols against harming human beings or self-altering their own physical form.…Read more ›

Simple hack shows Secret posts aren’t as anonymous as they seem

The idea behind Secret is that you can share anything to your social circle with the comfort of total anonymity. Users’ identities are kept hidden, and that’s what’s supposed to make the app enjoyable or whatever. As it turns out,…Read more ›

Does Your iPhone 5 Screen Seem Yellow? Dont Worry Overmuch

iPhone 4 on the left; iPhone 5 on the right.

There have been quite a few worries out there on the web today, with new owners of the iPhone 5 comparing the screen to the older iPhone 4 and 4S. I was one of these early adopters, and I also set the phones next to each other to see the differences. When I turned them both on to look at the difference  [Read More…]

Robbers and Thieves Seem to Prefer The iPhone

The Android platform and the iOS platform have always been a topic of heated discussion in most cases. Whatever your personal views may be, it is important to note that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so agreeing to disagree is usually the best bet here. That being the case, it is always interesting to read statistics and information regarding the two. According to NBC New York, two robbers in upper Manhattan are targeting  [Read More…]

Awesome Stanza E-Reading App Is Dead And Amazon Doesnt Seem Interested In Bringing It Back

About twelve hours after iOS 5 was officially released, I went through the considerable bother of downgrading my iPad 2 back down to iOS 4.3. iOS 5 was a great update, but for me, it had one fatal problem: it broke my beloved Stanza e-reading app irrevocably, and going without Stanza on my iPad was as impossible to contemplate as living without Mail or Safari. For Stanza lovers, the situation  [Read More…]