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iOS developers seemingly confirm iPhone 6′s 1334 x 750 resolution

Last weekend, we reported that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 seemed likely to boast a 1334 x 750 Retina Display, while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6L could have a 461 PPI Super- Retina Display. Now it looks like that working iPhone 6…Read more ›

‘The first billionaire in hip hop’: A drunk Dr. Dre seemingly confirms Apple’s Beats buyout

News of Apple’s pending Beats acquisition has left the vast majority of us scratching our heads, but if you thought this was just another spurious claim from anonymous supply chain blabbermouths, you can think again. Not only did the story come from…Read more ›

Why Is This $480 Stand So Shockingly Expensive, and Why is Its Seemingly Coolest Feature Free? [Kickstarter]



This is the Scandock, a $ 480 stand that turns your iPhone or Android handset into a better scanner. There are already some great scanner apps out there — here’s an iOS example, and here’s one for Android, both of which are around $ 5. The Scandock is almost a whopping 100 times more expensive, but claims improved results.

How? The stand incorporates four main features: a lighting system to  [Read More…]

Leaked Images Seemingly Confirm New iPhone Dock Connector Will Only Have 8 Pins

Nowherelse.fr has scored another major parts scoop: they say this leaked image shows what the new, smaller Apple dock connector looks like. Counting the pins, it looks as if iMore’s scoop that the new dock connector would only be 8 pins, and not 19 pins as previously reported, may have panned out.

Very, very interesting if true: expect a number of third-party iPod and iPhone accessories to be made obsolete by  [Read More…]

Leaked Packaging Bar Code Seemingly Confirms Next iPhone Is The iPhone 4S

Were just putting this out there: a tipster just sent us a picture of what he claims is the packaging label barcode for the iPhone 4S, coming in white with 16GB of storage. According to the label, the part number will be MD239F/A. All other information that could be used to identify the device has been obscured. Is it real? We dont know. It would certainly be trivial to Photoshop.  [Read More…]

Leaked Parts Seemingly Confirm White iPod Touch Coming Later This Year

If this iPod Touch component is what it purports to be, Apple will release a white iPod Touch for the first time when they refresh the line-up in the next month, while also keeping a similar shape to the current Touch. Id personally prefer to see the iPod nanos line-up of colors come to the Touch, but I guess whites a start.

Apples Beta Photostream App Seemingly Confirms New, Radically Different iPhone 5 Design

The latest version of Apples Photo Stream beta app has a new icon for taking a photo with your iPhone one that appears to feature an iPhone 5 with a larger screen and elongated, capacitive home button. You know, just like all the rumors and cases have been suggesting. Art gaffe, or can we just all take as read the look of the iPhone 5 now that icons for it  [Read More…]