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While Apple hasn’t released any official sales numbers for the iPad Air yet, AT&T is reporting that it saw over a 200% increase in iPad activations during the last three days. “iPad activations on AT&T increased more than 200% over…

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Gentlemen-headerGentlemen!, a brand new title from Scottish development studio Lucky Frame, made its debut on Android and iOS last week. It’s been a pretty big success so far, with plenty of acclaim from reviewers, a mention in a British newspaper, and thousands of players worldwide. But it’s not all good news for Lucky Frame. You see, [...]

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We’re big fans of Pixelmator here at Cult of Mac — it’s one of the finest image editors you can buy for your Mac, and it’s just $ 14.99. And it appears we’re not the only ones who love it. Pixelmator just announced that its latest 2.2 Blueberry update has seen over 500,000 downloads in just one week, becoming its most successful release to date.

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Verizon has today announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2012, which has been its best yet in terms of subscriber growth. The company added 2.1 million new customers during the three-month period, bringing its total number of subscribers up to 98.2 million, with 58% of those customers using a smartphone.

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Apple made its new iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad available to customers in China today, where its iOS devices have recently been seeing record demand. However, that wasn’t the case at the Cupertino company’s new retail store in Beijing. Lines outside the building were almost nonexistent when doors first opened, while only four customers entered the building in the following hour. Most of those who did walk out with a device sold  [Read More...]

Looks like the iPhone 5 will be popular in China, too.

China Unicom, China’s second-largest mobile carrier, began accepting iPhone 5 pre-orders on Monday ahead of the handset’s December 14 launch. And during the first day alone, it saw more than 100,000 orders placed online. Apple devices have become hugely popular in China, and it seems the iPhone 5 will be no exception.

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Klipsch presser ces 2012 Las Vegas — “We feel like Airplay is going to be the next media,” Product Manager Gavin Reeg said during Klipsch’s 30 minute press event. Then it was VP of Product Development Mark Casavant’s turn (pictured above), and he made it very clear: their future is in Apple’s Airplay. Klipsch is moving to  [Read More...]

The rapid deployment of Apple’s iTunes Match subscription services is rolling on this weekend all over the world. From France to Australia, the new service has done its fair share of globe hopping over the last 24 hours. Apple, however, is presently engaged in battling with some initial challenges born of a premature launch for the service in several locations. As we understand it, users in various parts of the world have taken to the web  [Read More...]

Apple Sees a Dismal Time for Hard Disk Drives

The hard disk drive may become more scarce as Thailand companies suffer from floods. Hard disk drives are the main storage units that hold information on almost every personal computer. They are an important part of the computer that allows the machine to write down data using binary machine language. More importantly, information is saved in bytes. Hard disk drives have a reputation for being very high in the number of bytes that they can store.  [Read More...]

I have a friend I once queried about the contents of his PC gaming library. He looked at me a little quizzically, then replied that he had the only game one ever need play: Civilization. In that instance, it happened to be Civilization 4, Civ 5’s immediate PC predecessor, arguably considered the finest version of the series since Sid Meier’s original 1991 masterpiece. He’s not alone. Press any gamer for a  [Read More...]