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How to Disable “Search / Copy” Pop-Up in Opera When Selecting Text

The Opera web browser is perhaps best known more recently for having a great free VPN included in the browser, and while it’s generally a good web browser alternative, the latest versions include a rather annoying pop-up feature that shows up any time any text is selected in the app. Fortunately, you can disable the … Read More

Selecting Multiple Files in Mac OS X

Finder icon Just about every Mac user knows how to select a single file in the OS X Finder, but I’ve encountered many users who are perplexed by multiple file selection. Most of the confusion comes down to not knowing the primary methods of choosing groups of files, and that’s what we’ll aim to clear up here by focusing on the primary means of choosing groups of files: the click and  [Read More…]

12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating & Selecting Text in Mac OS X

Mac Keyboard Work with text often? You can navigate, select, and manipulate text faster than ever before by remembering these twelve keyboard shortcuts. 6 Text Navigation Shortcuts The first group of keyboard shortcuts allow for quickly moving around text: Jump to beginning of a line Command+Left Arrow Jump to end of a line Command+Right Arrow Jump to beginning of current word Option+Right Arrow Jump to end of current  [Read More…]