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Use the Camera Self Timer on iPhone & iPad for Better Group Photos or Selfies

The iPhone Camera app includes a self timer function, a great feature for any camera that allows you to set a countdown timer before a picture is snapped. There’s many uses for the timer function, but it often allows for the photographer or camera owner to be in the picture frame as well, rather than … Read More

Apple Watch gets cover treatment for March issue of Self magazine

After gracing the cover of Vogue China, it was only a matter of time before the Apple Watch started getting featured in U.S. magazines. Self’s March issue features the Apple Watch modeled by Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel. Swanepoel is…Read more ›

Gaijin Games To Self Publish Bit.Trip Runner2 On iOS Winter 2013 [PAX 2013]

runner2_logo-blackSEATTLE, PAX 2013 – We spoke a bit with indie studio, Gaijin Games, at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this weekend in Seattle, about the upcoming release of Runner 2 to iOS (and Sony’s PS Vita). Runner2, aka Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, is a side-scrolling platform game with heavy rhythm elements […]

The post Gaijin Games To Self Publish Bit.Trip Runner2 On iOS Winter 2013 [PAX 2013]  [Read More…]

Mastering The iPhone To Become A Better Lover: Self Improvement [iOS Tips]

Checking in for motivation!

Let’s face it, even if you focus on your relationship, dress better, learn how to cook, and practice better grooming habits, the only person you’ll always be in a relationship with is you. In fact, you will be a better person to be around if you take the time to work on your self, first and foremost.

That doesn’t mean you need to eschew all relationships until you  [Read More…]

Turn a Python, Perl, Ruby, or Shell Script Into a Self Contained Application for Mac OS X

Script turned into a self contained Mac OS X app Platypus is an excellent utility that lets you turn virtually any script into a self-contained Mac OS X application. Free and remarkably simple to use, Platypus will support just about any shell script, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, AppleScript, Expect, and even other scripting languages. Using the app is easy, drag and drop a script onto the application, give it a  [Read More…]

Another iPhone 4 Self Combusts Just Inches From Its Owner’s Face

An Australian airline revealed in a press release last week that one of its cabin crew was forced to extinguish an iPhone 4 that very nearly burst into flames shortly after the plane touched down in Sydney. As it turns out, that certainly won’t be the last iPhone to self combust. An iPhone 4 user in Brazil has experienced a similar scenario with his own handset. While charging just inches  [Read More…]