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Google and Ford may be teaming up to build self-driving cars

Google is reportedly teaming up with Ford for a self-driving car project that will combine Ford’s vehicles with Google’s technology. According to sources supposedly familiar with the plans, the deal will be announced at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. For Google, the advantage of pairing with Ford is that the company would […]

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The first guy to hack the iPhone built a self-driving car by himself

George Hotz made a name for himself at 17 years-old as the first person to hack the iPhone, but his next project could be headed on a collision course with Apple’s self-driving car. Using affordable electronics that any nerd on the street can purchase, Hotz revealed that he hacked an Acura ILX to become a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Google’s self-driving cars hit public roads this summer

If you live in Mountain View, CA, get ready for a new sight this summer. That’s because, several years after starting its self-driving car program, a handful of Google’s autonomous vehicles will finally be leaving the test track and hitting…Read more ›

Crystal Baller: Apple’s self-driving car and 6 other wacky rumors

Is Apple working on a self-driving car?

File this under “unbelievable” but according to reports from the Bay area, multiple black vans owned by Apple have been spotted driving around San Francisco with a fancy camera array on top that may indicate the company is developing a…Read more ›

Self-driving cars will be on U.K. roads by January

The U.K. is set to allow self-driving cars to use public roads as of January 2015. Currently they are allowed on private roads only. The Department for Transport had previously claimed that driverless cars would be trialled on public roads…Read more ›

Google’s new self-driving car is a tiny two-seater with no manual controls

Google has taken its self-driving car concept a step further by integrating the technology onto its own prototype vehicle powered by electricity. The tiny two-seater is made using off-the-shelf car parts, and it does not require a steering wheel or…Read more ›

Will Apple Join Google in Desire for Self-Driving Cars?

Click the image to open in full size. Google, which has boasted about its small contingency of self-driving cars for some time now, has begun the process of lobbying the state of Nevada to legally allow self-driving cars to ride the open highway. It may sound futuristic even for Google, but the internet search giant has, indeed, hired a prominent Las Vegas-based lobbyist by the name of David Goldwater to help push  [Read More…]