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Tim Cook lashed out at shortsighted, bottom line-driven investors during Friday’s annual shareholders meeting — telling them to “get out of [Apple] stock.” The exchange concerned the conservative think tank National Center for Public Policy Research, which was pushing Apple… Read more ›     

When you sell your old iPhone to a third-party, what happens to it? It enters a thriving third-party marketplace in China, where it is restored to almost new and sold in gray and emerging markets. Weird! According to a report… Read more ›     

Beyoncé rocked the internet last weekend when she released her self-titled album in the iTunes Store as a total surprise. In exchange for launch exclusivity, Apple gave her the red carpet treatment in iTunes and iTunes Radio. The move was… Read more ›     

new-cultcast-site-promo-pic-heath.jpgNine meeeel-leon iPhones… nine meeel-leon! Yes sir, Apple’s opening weekend iPhone sales were better than they’ve ever been, and that’s got to feel great after months of analysts asking if they’ve lost their touch. We’ll discuss the feat on our newest CultCast, plus, scoop you up a heapin’ helpin’ of iOS 7 tips and tricks, […]

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iPhone 5S 3 colorsIf you want to get your hands on an iPhone 5s anytime soon, prepare to work for it. Apple is suffering “severely constrained†supply for the 5s launch, and it’s likely that most models will sell out quickly in stores this weekend. “We don’t know the cause of the iPhone 5s shortages, but have been told […]

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iPhone5sdockApple hasn’t sold its own dock for the iPhone since introducing the Lightning connector on the iPhone 5, but it looks like the company has had a change of heart, and will start selling an iPhone 5s dock for $29 starting on September 20th at Apple retail stores. Along with being able to charge your […]

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apple-iphone-buy-P16One of the problems that Apple has launching new iPhones in late September is that even though every iPhone release sells more than the release before it, they don’t actually bump Apple’s quarterly numbers as much as they could. Why? Let’s take this year as an example. All signs point to the iPhone 5S and […]

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new-cultcast-site-promo-pic-heath.jpgThis time, on another fabulous episode of The CultCast: we imagine a Ballmer-less Microsoft; the 5S gets a smokin’ fast chip and a mysterious camera upgrade; the best ways to sell your old iPhone; why you should definitely wait to buy another Mac or iPad; plus special guest and Wired Editor Joe Brown uses toilets… […]

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Why Google Needs to Sell an Android TV

googletv-1Yeah, I said it. Google should — and probably will — sell an Android TV. No, not a dongle. And I’m not talking about a Google TV of the kind you can buy today in which Google technology puts the “smart” in the smart TV feature. I’m talking about a full-blown, Android-based, big-screen, high-def TV [...]

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iPhone 5 Apple StoreApple’s CEO wants to sell more iPhones, but only in his stores. The iPhone is Apple’s cash cow with its high profit margins, and it creates a “halo effect” that causes customers to buy other Apple products. Less than 20% of iPhones are currently sold in Apple Stores, and Cook won’t stand for it. Despite the [...]

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