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Nintendo Wants Mobile Games To Help Sell Consoles, But Still Won’t Bring Mario To iPhone


Since the dawn of the App Store, and by extension, gaming on smartphones and tablets, one iconic brand has remained absent from the revolution: Nintendo. Perhaps the most beloved and historically innovative game maker in the world will have nothing to do with the idea of Super Mario Bros. for iOS.

The daring decision to not ride the success of the App Store is starting to come at a cost. Nintendo is  [Read More…]

Verizon Will Sell The iPhone 5 Later This Month For $100 Off Regular Price [Rumor]


If you’re in the market for an iPhone 5, this is intriguing: Twitter user evleaks, who has good sources on upcoming Android devices and carrier deals, is saying that Verizon will start offering the iPhone 5 for $ 100 off starting in the middle of this month. That means that instead of paying $ 199 upfront for a 16GB iPhone 5 on two year contract, it would only cost $ 99. Not  [Read More…]

Adobe Will No Longer Sell Software On The Mac: You’ll Have To Rent Photoshop Instead


Adobe announced a lot of changes to their core creativity suite today, CS6, as well as a massively overhauled Photoshop, but forget features, here’s the real thing you need to know. Adobe Creative Suite 6 is the last app suite Adobe is ever going to let you buy. From now on, you’ll have to rent your Adobe apps.

Yup, that means forget about buying Adobe Photoshop CS7, or any other Adobe CS7 app  [Read More…]

Apple’s Tough Rules Are Making Global Carriers Balk At Price To Sell iPhone


There’s no doubt that the iPhone is one of the most popular pieces of technology ever invented. The rush of people lining up for hours just to buy one usually causes competing carriers to trip all over themselves for the opportunity to sell the iPhone, except recently the list of carriers clamoring for the iPhone has slowly dwindled to just a few prospects.

Despite its successes, Apple is missing out on the  [Read More…]

No, You Can’t Sell Your “Used” iTunes Songs Online


If you ever had hopes of cashing in your iTunes library to make ends meet, think again: a federal judge has declared reselling your MP3s online, saying the first sale doctrine is not applicable.

The ruling was handed down from a federal court in New York on Saturday, where the case of Capitol Records v. ReDigi was being heard.

ReDigi was a Boston-based startup that allowed you to “resell” your old  [Read More…]

Apple Might Have To Pay An Android-Maker To Sell iPhones In Brazil


Apple is edging closer towards a settlement with Brazilian telecommunications firm IGB Eletronica over the “iPhone” trademark. IGB owns the brand Gradiente, which obtained the trademark in 2007 — the same year Apple announced its popular smartphone. The company has been keen to prevent Apple from using it, but it appears it’s now willing to reach a deal.

Gradiente actually applied for the iPhone trademark in March 2000, long before Apple began work on  [Read More…]

Staples Execs Confirm They’ve Struck A Deal To Sell Apple Products


Office supply superstore Staples will beging selling Apple products soon in the United States and Canada, according to an exuberant tweet from the company’s senior vice president of global human resources, Regis Mulot. If he seems like an odd mouthpiece for such an announcement, there’s a reason for it: moments later, it was taken down.

His tweet wasn’t the only one. The deal was also confirmed by Vield Services Manager Mike  [Read More…]

Brazilian Company Wins Battle To Sell Android-Powered “iPhones”


Apple is no longer the exclusive rights holder to the iPhone trademark in Brazil when applied to handset devices. That means that IGB Electronics S.A. and Apple can both sell “iPhones” in the county, even though IGB’s iPhone is, in fact, an Android phone.

If you flash back a few months, you might remember IGB Electronics announcing in December that they were planning an entire line of Android devices, starting with  [Read More…]

Why Is This Macworld Booth Trying To Sell Me A Samsung Phone Case? [Macworld 2013]


macworldbug  SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – There are tons of cases here at   Macworld. Millions. Billions even. You can find cases for every sort of purpose. Want a case that can open your beer. Yep, it’s here. One that doubles as a mouse for your Mac. Sure thing.

Any case you can dream up for your iPhone, you will probably be able to find  [Read More…]

Numark Wants To Sell Half A Headphone To DJs

True story: Back when I was a university student, there was a local DJ called DJ Crap. He actually was pretty crappy, but nobody really cared, because DJ Crap had a signature gimmick: He used an old-style telephone handset to cue up his records. Come to think of it, this might be why his mixes never matched…

Now Numark will sell you a modern version of the same thing. It’s called the Redphone, and DJ Crap  [Read More…]