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Apple now sells Lightning headphones that are super expensive

For a company which keeps its future plans on the down-low, Apple sure is serious about getting us to believe the rumors that it’s ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack for future generations of iPhone. At least, that’s going by the fact that Apple has just started selling $ 800 Audeze EL-8 Titanium headphones — at both […]

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Apple rakes in $513 for each iPhone 6s Plus it sells

According to analysis from research firm IHS Technology, the iPhone 6s Plus costs Apple an estimated $ 236 to make — but nets the company an impressive $ 749 when it goes on sale. That’s $ 513 markup per handset, if you’re keeping track at home. It’s worth noting that IHS’s figures don’t take into account other Apple […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Watch Edition sells out in less than hour in China

  The gold Apple Watch Edition is expected to be big in China, but if the first hour of pre-orders are any indication, Tim Cook’s going to need to order up a lot more gold. Within the first hour of…Read more ›

Look at how many iPhones Apple sells every second

Any way you slice it, the iPhone 6 has been a phenomenal hit for Apple: the kind of record-shattering sales phenomenon that would seem once-in-a-lifetime, were it not for the fact that Apple will probably beat its own record within…Read more ›

Apple now sells more iPhones in China than the U.S.

China may have been a bit late to the iPhone 6 party due to a drawn-out regulatory approval period, but it seems the wait was worth it — both for Chinese customers and Tim Cook’s wallet. Ahead of what should…Read more ›

Fake ‘Apple Watch prototype’ sells for hundreds on eBay

We still don’t have a launch date for Apple Watch, but if you can’t wait to line up at Apple Stores for Jony Ive’s timepiece, you can now do that next best thing and buy a knock off on eBay.…Read more ›

Nokia’s iPad mini clone sells 20,000 units in 4 minutes

Some manufacturers have seen great success in taking inspiration from (copying) popular Apple products, and now Nokia is getting in on the action. Its attractive, Android-powered iPad clone, called the N1, sold 20,000 units in just four minutes when it went on sale…Read more ›

‘Prototype’ iPhone 6 that nearly won 100K finally sells on eBay

Remember the iPhone 6 “prototype” that was listed on eBay and almost sold for $ 100,000 before getting mysteriously pulled? It was relisted last week and just sold for $ 11,100. The seller got what he thought was a brand new iPhone 6 from Verizon…Read more ›

Former CEO John Sculley explains how Apple sells experiences

I’m a sucker for Apple history, and I particularly enjoy hearing from the people who had an impact on shaping Steve Jobs into the incredible force of nature that he became. In a new interview with John Sculley, the former…Read more ›

California Apple Store building sells for record-smashing $100 million

How valuable is it to have an Apple Store in your property portfolio? Pretty valuable indeed, as it (unsurprisingly) turns out. That’s the point proven by the Third Street Promenade Apple Store in Southern California, which has just sold to…Read more ›