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U.S. senator calls for ban on gun which looks like an iPhone

New York senator Charles Schumer is speaking out about a .380 caliber gun disguised as an iPhone, which he says is a “disaster waiting to happen.” Schumer called on the federal Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to look into the weapon — and possibly ban it — before […]

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U.S. senator backs FTC investigation into Apple Music

It was inevitable that the success of Apple Music was going to have some people screaming about anti-competitive practices, and that’s exactly what happened. Yesterday, senator (and former SNL alumni) Al Franken threw his hat into the ring by writing…Read more ›

Tim Cook drops by D.C. to talk tech with U.S. senator

Tim Cook made a visit to Washington D.C. this week to discuss the U.S. technology policy with one of the most tech-focused Senators on Capitol Hill. The Apple CEO met with Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah on Tuesday, reports The…Read more ›

Senator Al Franken Wants To Know If Touch ID Can Be Used To Steal Your Fingerprint

TouchID ScreenshotU.S. Senator Al Franken has been very vocal about his Apple opinions for years, and this time he’s sent a letter to Tim Cook regarding Touch ID in the iPhone 5s. Franken has “substantial privacy questions” when it comes to Touch ID’s security, and given the recent NSA findings, his concerns come at a time […]

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Senator John McCain Kicks Back With iPhone Poker Game During Syrian Intervention Hearing

McCainPokerThere are some truly awful things happening in Syria right now. For more information on exactly what is happening, and why, I suggest this excellent Washington Post round-up of what exactly is going on, and why Congress is now considering an intervention. But the takeaway is pretty bleak, and basically comes down to the notion […]

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Senator Rand Paul: U.S. Government Needs To “Look In The Mirror” Instead Of Critiquing Apple For Tax Evasion

rand-paul-hed-2013Apple executives are testifying before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee today on tax evasion practices, specifically on routing funds offshore to avoid the U.S. government’s 35% corporate tax rate. This is the highest single tax rate in the world, and Apple has avoided paying billions in U.S. taxes by storing more than two thirds of its […]

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U.S. Senator Proposes Bill To Make Cellphone Unlocking Legal Again

illegal iPhone unlock

As of January 26th, it is now illegal for you to unlock your smartphone if you want to use it on another network. Carrier unlocking has been legal in the U.S. for years, but in October the Library of Congress ruled that unauthorized unlocking is a crime.

The Obama Administration has already voiced its opinion that citizens should be allowed to unlock their smartphones without risking criminal penalties, and a senator  [Read More…]

Senator Al Franken Also Thinks AT&T Shouldnt Charge For FaceTime In iOS 6 [Video]

Who doesn’t like AT&T charging for FaceTime over cellular? This guy.

It’s safe to say the general consensus is against AT&T charging for FaceTime over cellular in iOS 6. The carrier is expected to introduce some sort of fee for Apple’s video calling service this fall, and AT&T has been trying its best to keep the issue quiet for as long as it can. While you would still be able to use  [Read More…]

Apple Yanks Fake Drivers License App After U.S. Senator Complains

Photo by tyle_r – http://flic.kr/p/9ruMZL

Are you underage and in need of a drink? There used to be an app for that, but not anymore. Apple has pulled an app that created fake drivers licenses after a U.S. Senator from New Jersey complained it poses a threat to public safety and national security. No more 19-year-old Al Qaeda members trying to sneak in on happy hour, I guess. The free  [Read More…]

Senator Al Franken Demands Answers From Carriers, Phone Makers About Carrier IQ Use

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who happens to head the Senate Security Panel, continues to hold no punches in his effort to get to the bottom of the Carrier IQ debacle. Franken sent a letter to Carrier IQ earlier in the week asking Carrier IQ to specifically state what data are logged, what data are transmitted and whether or not they believe they operate in accordance with federal privacy laws forbidding wiretapping. Franken has now  [Read More…]