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Send More Than One Photo At A Time Via iMessage [iOS Tips]

Here’s another one of those tips that should be blisteringly obvious, but isn’t.

If you try to send a photo via iMessage (or text message), you’re limited to one photo at a time. Go ahead and give it a shot. I’ll wait.

See? From the Messages app on your iPhone, you only have the option to take a photo or choose an existing one. What if you want to send more  [Read More…]

Send a Notification Badge to the Terminal Dock Icon When a Task is Finished

A notification badge alert is sent to the Terminal icon in the OS X Dock

Not long ago we showed you how to announce when a command line task was finished by using the ‘say’ command, but because it speaks aloud it may be inappropriate to use in a quiet environment. A much more subtle notification takes advantage of Terminal apps new usage of the BEL alert, which in OS X Lion  [Read More…]

Send AirPlay Video from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac, PC, or TV with XBMC

AirPlay video XBMC XBMC is a powerful free app that turns any Mac or PC into a full fledged media center. The newest version has been updated with a slew of improvements, but most interesting for iPhone and iPad users is the addition of AirPlay video support. This means you’ll be able to wirelessly transmit video from an iOS device to anything running XBMC, whether it’s a Mac hooked up to  [Read More…]

Send a Mass Text Message from iPhone

Send a Mass Text Message from iPhone Have an event or statement you want to broadcast to a group of people? Send out a mass text message to multiple recipients easily from the iPhone: Open the Messages app and tap the “New” message button Tap into the “To” field and enter the first recipient, then tap the (+) plus button and add other recipients from the address book one by one  [Read More…]

Send Video VoiceMail Messages from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Send video message If you’ve ever had to explain to someone that iPhone visual voicemail does not literally mean video voicemail, you know the potential disappointment that comes with it. What the user probably envisioned was the ability to record a quick video message and leave that as a video voicemail for the recipient to watch when they receive it. But it turns out that the iPhone can send video messages,  [Read More…]

Send Growl Notifications to Notification Center in OS X 10.8 with Hiss

Growl to Notifications Center Make OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion‘s new Notification Center feature instantly more useful by grabbing Hiss, a free application that sends apps Growl notifications directly to Mountain Lion’s desktop notification panel. There’s not much more to the app than that, but nonetheless it’s a great utility and worth downloading for those who are using the OS X 10.8 Developer Preview. Right now there simply aren’t that many  [Read More…]

Send Contacts from iPhone to Another iPhone

iPhone Contact as vCard (VCF) Sending contacts from an iPhone is very easy, all data about the contact; from name, phone number, picture, email, URL, etc, can be exported as an inclusive vCard bundle and sent to someone else by email or text message. While we’ll focus on sending contacts between iPhones, these vCards are also usable by other iOS devices, Macs, Windows, and even Android phones. Send Contacts from an  [Read More…]

The Best Ways To Send Holiday Greetings From Your Mac & iOS Devices This Christmas [App Guide]

As much as I love the holiday season, trying to buy gifts and cards for all of your family and friends isn’t easy. However, there are some things you can do on your Mac and iOS devices that will not only make the process of sending greetings a whole lot easier, but it’ll also ensure no one is forgotten. Here’s how to send Christmas greetings to all your friends and  [Read More…]

Always Send Mail as Plain Text in Mac OS X

Always send Mail as Plain Text To avoid any font face irregularities and size oddities when sending emails across platforms (from Mac OS X Mail app to Windows Outlook, for example), it can be a good idea to use the ‘Plain Text’ format for all email correspondence. Setting Mail composition to default as Plain Text in Mail.app is easy enough: Go to the Mail menu and choose “Preferences…” Click on the  [Read More…]

Send a Message to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac from iCloud

A message from iCloud With iCloud and the “Find My iPhone” feature, you can send messages to your remote Apple gear. These come through in the form of a pop-up window in Mac OS X and a notification in iOS 5, and while there’s a variety of uses for this, it’s also a fun way to send a quick message to someone using your hardware, be it a loved one or  [Read More…]