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Attach and Send Any File in MobileMail with AnyAttach

Undoubtedly, the number one complaint people have with the Mail.app on any iDevice is that you can’t attach and send files. There are ways to send pictures and videos, however other than that, you’re stuck with no functionality in that regard. A recently released tweak in Cydia, called AnyAttach, gives the user functionality to add files to your emails. Not only does it support pictures and videos, but it supports�any type of file.

With AnyAttach installed,  [Read More…]

Send Your iOS Photos Directly To Photoshop With Acquire

A new iOS App allows you to shoot pictures from your iDevice camera and sends it directly to Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later.


Acquire is a simple, powerful utility for instantly ingesting images from your camera-equipped iOS device into Adobe Photoshop CS5. Using Adobe’s Remote Connect feature, an image shot with your device’s camera  [Read More…]

Soon You Will Be Able To Make Calles And Send SMS From Your iPad 2 Via PhoneItipad

Previously, we have reported that the Egyptian team , iPhoneIsalm has developed a Cydia Tweak called PhoneItipad.This tweak allows you to use your iPad to make calls and send sms by converting your iPad 3G into an iPhone. The App is only available for iPad 1. But now we have known that the team is now working on PhoneItipad for iPad 2 3G.

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Would you send a kid to college with an just an iPad?

The University of Notre Dame’s iPad-friendly classroom.

It�s back-to-school time. And with so many universities handing iPads to students, parents may wonder how many devices they truly need.


While the iPad may be great for textbooks � especially with apps like Kno offering 70,000 titles at a discount � but can it be a student�s main device? Ken Colburn, of datadoctors.com tries to answer the question from a parent�s point  [Read More…]

MultiTwitter: send a tweet from multitasking IOS 5 [Cydia Tweak]

MultiTwitter is a new tweak from cydia that lets you send a tweet using multitasking IOS 5. This is a very very stable and well-operated which allows you to speed up the sending of your messages on popular social networks.

You can call up the window to send the tweet, pressing the home button twice on your device. You can write a message and add your location by location, assuming that you have activated the GPS  [Read More…]

Send SMS Text Messages And MMS From iPad 2 3G Models Using SwirlyMessage / SwirlySMS [Jailbreak App]

SwirlySpace AB, developers of a suite of apps for both jailbroken�iOS�devices�and non-jailbroken ones, have an app called�SwirlyMessages�for 3G-ready�iPads�which allows users to send/receive SMS and MMS. The app worked pretty well on the original iPad and we can confirm, from first-hand experience, that the app works the�iPad�2�(jailbroken) as well!

SMS on iPad 2 (3)

The iPad comes in many different models. You�ve got three based on memory capacity, two based on  [Read More…]

Send Free SMS With Text Freek From Your iPhone

Do you want to send SMS for free  from your iPhone? Well, new app released on the App Store called TextFreek, which will allow you to send free SMS from your iPhone. After you have installed this app on your iPhone you will be able to text anyone, anytime, anywhere for free of cost. TextFreek is very fast and easy to use app. TextFreek uses Apple push technology to send text messages between devices for free of cost. TextFreek also  [Read More…]

Send your Files via Bluetooth with Celeste [Cydia Tweak]

Celeste is a new cydia tweak will allow you to send files & photos via Bluetooth from your iOS device. CocoaNutapps, creators of Gremlin, have been working on this app for months now and finally they’ll release it. CoCoaNutapps has just posted a video on their Youtube channel to show Celeste in action on all devices. Watch the embedded video below:

For those who’re wondering how’ll the app work, the developers answered someone telling him that the app will work  [Read More…]