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New iPad Pro could be extra sensitive to your touch

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro could boast enhanced touch sensitivity while also incurring fewer production costs for Apple, according to a new report coming from the supply chain — suggesting that Apple is rethinking the material used for its tablet touch…

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Supply Of The iPhone’s Touch Sensitive Coating Is Running Out

Avocado for iPhoneWhen the iPhone was unveiled back in 2007, its touch screen was a revelation to the industry. You don’t need a stylus; you just touch it with your finger and it responds almost instantaneously. While the iPhone’s touch display may feel a bit magical, the glass is coated in a thin, transparent material called indium […]

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Sony RX100 II Is Sensitive, Connected, Looking For Hook-Ups

RX100M2_left.jpgSony’s RX100 is a pretty great compact camera. And the new RX100 II should be even better. The update/sequel, announced today, adds a bunch of modern-day gizmos to the $750 compact camera. The additions are, in order of me remembering them, are Wi-Fi and NFC, 180p video, an electronic hotshoe and a new 20.2MP backlit […]

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Pogo Connect Is A Pressure Sensitive Pen For Your iOS Artwork [Review]

Pogo Connect: great for iPad art or Harry Potter LARPing

Pogo Connect: great for iPad art or Harry Potter LARPing

With features like Bluetooth 4 connectivity, hundreds of levels of pressure sensitivity, and a built-in undo button, the Pogo Connect Pen (currently about $ 79 $ 62 on Amazon) sounds like an amazing drawing and painting tool for your iPad or iPhone.

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The Palo Alto Apple Store Might Be Too Loud For Sensitive Ear Drums

One of the newest Apple Stores in the world opened up just a few weeks ago in Palo Alto, just a stone’s throw away from Apple HQ in Cupertino. The new store is supposed to be a sort of prototype for future Apple Stores and features a glass facasade that allows passersby to view the entire store from the street.

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Tough And Sensitive, The Pentax K5-II And K5-IIs

You could probably use this to hammer in nails. Probably.



Pentax other announcement at Photokina this week concerns a pair of prosumer-level SLRs, the K5-II and the K5-IIs. These are the exact same camera, only the S has had its low-pass filter left off, and will cost you $ 100 more than the vanilla K5-II. The low-pass, or anti-aliasing filter allows for higher-resolution images, but could introduce unwanted moir� patterns into  [Read More…]

Apple, Samsung Hope To Cooperate Over Sealing Off Sensitive Documents In Upcoming Patent Trial

Honor among corporations with secrets?

In a not-so surprise move today, Apple filed a proposal with the US District Court that is handling Monday’s trial between it and rival Samsung over possible patent infringements. The surprise move today is the fact that Samsung agrees with Apple.

Both companies have to submit documents as exhibits in the wide-ranging trial, scheduled for Monday, and each company would like to keep it’s sensitive business data  [Read More…]