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The BluCub is a lot like the Tempo pebble I reviewed a few weeks back, only instead of measuring just temperature, it also measures humidity, adding another feather to your home-weather-station cap. If you wear a cap and put a… Read more ›     

Apple is reportedly looking into developing a device capable of predicting heart attacks. The medical sensor device — possibly a feature for the long-reported iWatch, if previous rumors are to be believed — would listen to the sound blood makes… Read more ›     

There’s nothing better than a good coach for any sport. When learning how to be good at something like basketball, you need good feedback and suggestions based on how you perform. It’s a dynamic process for sure. 94Fifty thinks so,… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS — Seriously, everyone has a mother, but not everyone wants to live with her. Here comes Mother, the remote sensor gadget we got to play with a bit at CES in Vegas this week. It’s a small, shmoo-shaped… Read more ›     

Wahoo’s Magnet-Free Bluetooth Cadence Sensor

Wahoo has added yet another low-power Bluetooth sensor to its range of bike fitness gadgets. The RPM is a cadence sensor which works without magnets, or bulky attachments on the frame, and talks direct to compatible apps on your iPhone. Cadence is one of those things that bike nerds like to count, because bike nerds […]        [Read More...]

Structure Sensor Turns The iPad Into A 3-D Scanner

  When it comes to screens, 3-D=lame: our own brains are more than capable of turning 2-D cues into full 3-D scenes without any weird glasses or other trickery. But 3-D scans are totally useful for all kinds of fun… Read more ›     

Remember the rumblings about Apple acquiring PrimeSense, the Israel-based company behind the 3D motion tracking in the original Xbox Kinect? It turns out that the rumor is true, as Apple has officially confirmed the buyout. Reports dating back to this… Read more ›     

The third-generation iPad mini and second-generation iPad Air will have Touch ID, there’s no doubt. Just like Siri — a feature that debuted in an ‘S’ year for the iPhone — took a year to creep to the iPad, TouchID… Read more ›     

  Now that winter has hit the country, cycling has moved indoors for much of the U.S. That means straddling a stationary bike or throwing your trusty road or mountain bike up on a stand (or if you’re really brave,… Read more ›     

Apple is close to buying PrimeSense, the company that invented the 3D motion tracking technology used in the original Xbox Kinect. Whispers of the acquisition were first reported by an Israeli publication called Calcalist back in July, and the site is now reporting that… Read more ›