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Elgato’s HomeKit-ready sensors automate your entire home

As the iPhone 6 and public launch of iOS 8 gets ever closer, a number of products offering full integration with Apple’s new HomeKit platform have started popping up on a regular basis. The latest of these is Elgato’s new line of “Eve” connected home…Read more ›

Apple’s next iPads will come with more durable Touch ID sensors

Not only are we likely to get Touch ID sensors included in all new iPhones and iPads this year — they will also be higher quality, too. A new report suggests that 2014′s refresh of Touch ID focuses on internal…Read more ›

iWatch to Have Multiple Health & Fitness Sensors, According to WSJ

Apple’s upcoming smartwatch will include multiple health sensors and come in variety of screen sizes, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. Specifically, “The new wrist device from Apple will include more than 10 sensors including ones to track health and fitness” according to WSJ. The new report comes hot off the … Read More

iWatch will come in different sizes, with more than 10 sensors

Apple is set to unleash multiple versions of its long-awaited iWatch this fall, according to a new report from the the Wall Street Journal. Coming in multiple screen sizes, and boasting more than 10 sensors to track health and fitness…Read more ›

Intelligent sensors will make the iWatch even smarter than you thought

Based on the massive number of hires they’ve made in the field as of late, it’s no mystery that Apple is interested in biometrics and biosensors. However three new patent applications published Thursday shed a bit more light on what…Read more ›

Get ready to run: The first of Wahoo’s next-gen Bluetooth heart-rate sensors is here

Wahoo’s first heart-rate sensor was of the pedestrian ANT+ variety, and connected to the iPhone through a 30-pin ANT+ dongle. Around a year later, the Atlanta-based outfit introduced the first heart-rate sensor that connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth; specifically and only…Read more ›

iWatch patent describes in-built camera and ambient light sensors

As rumors continue to swell about Apple’s long-awaited leap into wearable tech, the U.S. Patent & Trademarks Office Tuesday granted a new patent covering an iWatch-like device form factor. While Apple only lists a “wrist-watch device” as one of the…Read more ›

How Big Are Cellphone Camera Sensors Anyway (And Other Interesting Facts)

TS520x0~cms_posts-1313669123-sensor_resolutions_newWhatever it is you want to know about cellphone camera sensors, you’ll probably find it in DP Review’s absurdly in-depth article on the subject. It details not only the common misconceptions about megapixels, but also many real world differences. And it contains the diagram shown at the top of this post, showing the size differences […]

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The Latest In iPhone 5S And 5C Rumors: Sapphire Home Buttons, Fingerprint Sensors

5C and 5S mockupsThe rumor mill is starting to kick into full gear when it comes to Apple’s plans for the iPhone lineup in 2013. Over the weekend, it was reported that Apple would be holding an iPhone event on September 10th, and the company is widely expected to unveil not one, but two new models: the iPhone […]

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Apple To Pay $53 Million In Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement For Faulty Liquid Sensors

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

A liquid damage indicator inside an iPhone.

Apple has agreed to pay $ 53 million to settle its class-action lawsuit from customers. The iPhone maker used faulty moisture indicators in both iPhones and iPods that resulted in customers’ warranty claims getting denied.

Depending on which iPhone model you’ve own, you may be eligible to receive $ 300 in damages from Apple, according to the federal court  [Read More…]