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A savvy Apple fan has sent a robot to queue for her iPhone 6s

People are already camping out for the iPhone 6s, but one smart would-be customer from Australia has decided to dodge the queues — by sending a robot on her behalf. Lucy Kelly dispatched the robot — a remote-controlled tablet attached to a Segway — to wait in line at the flagship Apple Store in Sydney, where the iPhone 6s will go on […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Stores sent back in time during yesterday’s DNS outage

Yesterday’s Apple outages brought digital sales for services like iTunes to a standstill, but it also caused things to grind to a halt in some brick-and-mortar Apple Stores. The down time sent retail back to the days before, well, Apple…Read more ›

Keep a Record of All Emails Sent from iPhone by Always BCCing Yourself

Though most email services nowadays support the “Sent” outbox, where you can easily find all emails that you’ve sent out from an iPhone (or elsewhere with that email account), not all mail providers do. This is particularly true for POP3 accounts where the email will be downloaded once from the server then deleted from the … Read More

Mailtracker Lets You Know Where And When Your Sent Emails Were Read

Mailtracker is an app that lets you snoop on the folks you send email to. It tells you if and when your mails were read, what device they read it on and what city they are in. Sounds pretty creepy…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Undo That Hastily Sent Email When Using Gmail [OS X Tips]

We’ve all done it, sent that nasty email to a boss, co-worker, spouse. That email that we really wish we hadn’t sent? You know the one. If only we could go back in time, we could un-send that email and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Full Letter Apple, Google, And Others Sent To U.S. Government Over NSA Transparency

ItIn response to the public’s outcry that tech companies are working with the NSA to pilfer personal info on targets of interest, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and others announced an alliance with civil liberties groups today demanding for more transparency by U.S. government concerning wiretapping. The coalition sent a letter today to President Obama and […]

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Ping Will Be Sent To The Grave When The New iTunes Ships Later This Year [Report]

Steve Jobs announced Ping as a music “discovery” tool in September of 2010.

Poor Ping. Apples failed iTunes social network experiment just hasnt caught on. Ping didnt get off to a good start when Apple was unable to partner with Facebook years ago, and the service has become a running joke amongst the Apple fan community. According to a new report, Ping will be killed  [Read More…]

Silly People In China Are Actually Paying For Sent From My iPhone Signatures

Working in a Chinese factory doesnt pay that well. When you cant afford to buy an iPhone, even though you make 5,000 of them a day, the next best thing is to buy a fake iPhone. And when you cant pay for a fake iPhone, people in China just pay for a cheap service that makes their friends think they have an iPhone by adding a Sent From My iPhone  [Read More…]

Three People Sent to Prison in China Over iPad 2 Leaks

Wall Street Journal reports that three guys have been sent to prison as they have facilitated in leaking information about iPad 2 prior to its release. The court announced the decision Tuesday in statements on its official account at Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like microblogging service in China. It said that Xiao Chengsong, general manager of Shenzhen MacTop Electronics Co., had offered 20,000 yuan, or about $ 3,000, plus discounts on MacTop products to a former  [Read More…]