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How to create entirely separate photo libraries in Photos

One of the cooler hidden features of Photos (and iPhoto before it) is the ability to create more than one photo library. You can make one for your home photos, work photos, photos from a different camera, or those racy…Read more ›

Keep Your Jailbreak And iOS Settings Separate, Where They Belong [Jailbreak]


If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone, it can be a little bit confusing to manage the settings of your various tweaks. Sometimes they are in an app, sometimes they are in ‘Settings’ and even when they are where you expect them to be, they can often be buried.

PreferenceOrganizer is a new Cydia tweak that keeps your default iOS settings and jailbreak settings separate, like you’d expect them to be. Unfortunately,  [Read More…]

App.net Releases Separate iOS App To Manage Accounts And Discover Clients

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 5.53.28 PM

Twitter-like social network App.net has released a new app in the iOS App Store called Passport. Unlike apps like Netbot, Passport can’t be used to actually read an App.net feed. The app is designed to manage accounts and help discover third-party clients.

Our mission has always been to support developers and to give members more choice. At its core, Passport is our directory app: an easy way  [Read More…]

Send Emails From Unimportant Contacts To A Separate ‘Anti-VIP’ Mailbox [OS X Tips]

I’m sure you’re like me and get tons of email from people you don’t necessarily want email from. While OS X Mail has the new VIP feature to group important contacts into one mailbox, what about all those emails from contacts you feel are less than important, but might want to keep around, just in case.

There is a way to sort all those emails from non-important contacts, using Smart  [Read More…]

Set Three Separate Networking Names For Your Mac With Terminal [OS X Tips]

So, your Mac has a name, and it identifies itself as such when other computers connect to it via Apple file sharing, the command line (like when using Terminal), or via Bonjour or AirDrop. Typically, you can set this name in the Sharing Preferences panel in the System Preferences app. If you put your name into the setup wizard when you set up a new Mac, the networking name will default  [Read More…]

Bug Means iPhone 5 Needs Separate App To Update To iOS 6.0.1

Apple just released iOS 6.0.1 to squash some bugs that have been running around on all iOS devices. But if you have an iPhone 5 the OTA update process is a lot different than usual because one of the bugs iOS 6.0.1 fixes is the inability for iPhone 5s to install over the air updates.

To get the update, you’ll have to download an app called iOS Updater, which isn’t difficult  [Read More…]

Horizon Mobile For iOS Will Separate Busines Apps And Data, But Will Apple Approve It?

VMWare’s Horizon Mobile aims to complete separate your work apps and data from everything personal on your iPhone or iPad and secure them at the same time.

At VMWorld, this week VMWare showed of Horizon Mobile for iOS – an enterprise solution that separates business apps and content on an iOS device from a user’s personal apps, documents, and data. It’s an iOS version of a tool that VMWare previously demoed, but  [Read More…]

Why It Makes Sense For Apple To Hold Two Separate Events For The iPhone 5 And iPad Mini This Fall

For months rumors have been saying that Apple is getting ready to launch two major, new products this fall: the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Both of these names are placeholders for what will be the sixth-generation iPhone and a 7-inch version of the current iPad. Everyone pretty much agrees that the new iPhone will be announced on September 12th, but opinions are split on the possibility of Apple also announcing  [Read More…]