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Google Beats Apple To The Punch, Announces Streaming Subscription Service For Google Play


Ahead of Apple’s rumored iRadio WWDC announcement, Google has announced a new subscription music service, Google Play Music All Access.

Built atop Google’s music store, Google Play Music All Access will allow users to stream all of the millions of tracks already available. Want to buy it permanently? It’s just a click way.

One thing that Google is making a big deal about is their discovery and recommendation engine. Google Play  [Read More…]

Hipstamatic Is Trying To Rebrand Itself As “Oggl,” A Paid Photo Sharing Service

Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren't hipster enough.

Remember Hipstamatic? Maybe you aren’t hipster enough.

Before the 100+-million-user-giant that is Instagram, Hipstamtic was all the rage. No really, like totally. It was one of the first iPhone apps that helped popularize the retro filter look before Instagram stole the show.

Hipstamtic still exists believe it or not, and later this week it will be re-branded as “Oggl,” a paid, subscription-based photo sharing network for  [Read More…]

Spotify Will Launch A Subscription Video-Streaming Service [Rumor]


Spotify is already one of the premier sources for streaming a la carte audio on the Internet, but the popular streaming service might have far bolder plans than that, with a new report saying that Spotify intends on going head-to-head with Netflix, HBO, iTunes and Amazon Video by launching a video streaming service. Yowza!

According to a report by Business Insider citing “two sources briefed on the company’s plans, Spotify is  [Read More…]

WWDC Ticket Alert Service Will Call You Once Apple Starts Selling Tickets


WWDC 2012 sold out in under two hours last year. It was insane. A lot of people on the West Coast didn’t even get a chance to buy a ticket because Apple announced tickets were available at 5am.

Everyone who’s really wanting to go to WWDC this year is probably looking for the best method to alert them on tickets, so Oisin Prendiville has created a service that will call you as soon  [Read More…]

OS X System Service Gives One-Click, In-Place Markdown to Rich Text Conversion

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXmiW5cnkOM?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

The hardest working nerd and code-wizard on the internet, Brett “I just built this” Terpstra, has added a rather great new feature to his Markdown Service Tools pack for the Mac. Among many other updates, you can now convert Markdown to rich text, in-line.

The Service Tools are pretty much essential if you write in Markdown on your Mac. They are a bunch of System Services which sit in the Services menu (and can be assigned keyboard  [Read More…]

Mount Dropbox & Other Cloud Storage Service As Virtual Drives On Android [How-To]


On my Mac and Windows PCs, where I have access to a speedy connection, I have mounted my Box and Dropbox account to act as a local virtual storage. This allows me to seamlessly transfer files between them and my local storage drives with a simple copy & paste, and it makes my cloud storage services much more useful.

On Android, I need to ‘share’ files to the official Dropbox or Box app  [Read More…]

Google To Take On Spotify With YouTube Music Streaming Service [Rumor]

YouTube-iPad Google is preparing to take on companies like Spotify and Rdio with a new YouTube music streaming service, according to sources in the record industry, who have been speaking to Fortune. The service, which is expected to launch later this year, could be available for free, but there will be subscription options for those who don’t like to see advertisements.

When asked for comment on the service, YouTube said:

While we don’t  [Read More…]

Apple Recently Met With Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine To Discuss Music Streaming Service

Jimmy Iovine

For the past several months it’s been rumored that Apple is working on an iTunes music subscription service to compete with the likes of Spotify and Rdio. Google is reportedly also looking into some sort of music streaming service involving YouTube.

According to a new report, Apple executives recently met with a high-profile music industry executive to discuss business economics and the mysterious “Project Daisy.”

Reuters has the scoop:

Apple Chief Executive  [Read More…]

O2 Launches TU Go, A New Internet Calling & Messaging Service For Android & iOS


British carrier O2 has today launched a new VoIP and messaging service called TU Go, which is available to its pay monthly customers with Android and iOS devices. The service allows users to make calls and send texts over the Internet, so even when they have no cell reception, they can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and get in touch with friends and family.

TU Go is similar to Skype’s paid calling  [Read More…]

Panorama Sharing Service PanoPerfect Adds iPad App And Web Version

Back in November, we reviewed PanoPerfect, an iPhone app that let you easily share panoramas right from your phone. Today, the developers behind PanoPerfect, HalfPeeled LLC, released an all new iPad version of PanoPerfect, along with a web client.

In addition to the iPad and web apps, the original iPhone application has also been cleaned up, with a complete UI redesign, new notifications tab, and a ton of other bug fixes.  [Read More…]