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The new Apple TV supports 3DTV content on compatible sets

The Apple TV is capable of supporting stereoscopic 3D apps on 3D-capable televisions, according to longtime Apple game developers Pangea Software. So when can we expect the first wave of 3D Apple TV games? The answer to that question is “right now,” since Pangea has revealed that five of its titles already take advantage of the […]

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The sun sets on Sunrise as Microsoft combines app with Outlook

Microsoft is merging two of its most popular mobile apps into one: Outlook email and Sunrise calendar. Outlook has always been a favorite among email users while Sunrise rose to fame for being both free and feature-packed. Combined as one, Microsoft is hoping the move enables users to more seamlessly glide between emailing and calendar tasks. The result […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Dark Horse unleashes Hell(boy) on your messages with branded emoji sets

How big a fan of Hellboy are you? If you answered, “Such a big fan that I wish ‘Hellboy’ were a language I could speak all the time — if only someone would make a keyboard to that effect,” you’re…Read more ›

Marc Newson sets a world record with $3.7 million lounger

Looking for a gorgeous chair to sit in while you get to grips with your brand new Apple Watch? If you happen to have a spare seven-figure sum lying around, you could have snapped up this riveted aluminum and fiberglass…Read more ›

Samsung sets up 200 person team to build displays for Apple

Anyone who dreams of Apple giving a “This is Sparta!”-style thrust kick to rival Samsung, forever booting it out of its production process, is going to be sorely disappointed. If anything, Apple’s leaning more heavily than ever on its long-time…Read more ›

8 gorgeous Lego sets you owe it to yourself to build

Given their focus on gorgeous design and parallel rise, fall and ascent to global dominance narratives, it’s perhaps no surprise to hear that I love Lego almost as much as I do Apple products. With hundreds of sets in total — and…Read more ›

Lego’s new Fusion sets blur the line between iOS gaming and physical toys

Love Lego? Love iOS? Prepare to get your chocolate in your peanut butter. Lego has just started selling Lego Fusion, a series of toys that blend everyone’s favorite plastic bricks with iOS gaming. Fusion is different from games like Lego…Read more ›

Arrrr! The Pirate Bay finally sets sail on mobile

Popular torrent sharing network The Pirate Bay is finally easier to access on your smartphone thanks to a new mobile site. It’s almost identical to the desktop version and offers all the same features, but it is optimized for smaller displays. The…Read more ›

Strategy sim Anno: Build an Empire sets sail for the App Store

Fans of strategy simulation games can rejoice at the news that the popular Anno series — which first arrived on PC back in 1998 and has continued as a successful franchise to the present day — has landed on iPad.…Read more ›

Storm Caster sets you on path to adventure with a few cards, lots of magic

I’m a bit of a sucker for anything remotely magical, and I love the idea of blasting spells around to save the world. If you’re also excited by that, and love hordes of monsters too, then Storm Casters will be…Read more ›