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Apple makes righteous choices look drop-dead sexy

Whether you’re recycling your iPhone in order to upgrade to the latest iPhone SE, or you favor Apple products because they’re the best on the market, you can feel good about your choice thanks to Apple’s environmental and medical initiatives. Cupertino’s favorite tech company dropped four gorgeous videos into its low-key keynote today that showcase […]

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Satechi adds USB to make power strips sexy again

Lust List: Satechi Aluminum Power Strip with USB It’s true: Power strips are the least-sexy of gadgets to talk about. This Satechi Aluminum Power Strip with USB, however, is as gorgeous as it gets in this admittedly prosaic product category. The Satechi Aluminium Power Strip with USB has lovely Mac-like brushed aluminum accents, a nice […]

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Cult of Mac Magazine: iPhone 6s is one sexy beast

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus came out last week, and it’s been a fun ride getting to know what makes these sexy beasts tick. Check out this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine for all the tips, tricks, reviews, news, and just plain great content with yet another digital issue of your favorite magazine. […]

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iPhone 6c concept is every bit as sexy as the name suggests

One of the more intriguing iPhone rumors this year has been the return of a 4-inch Apple handset in the form of the so-called iPhone 6c. But what would it look like alongside the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus? To help us out, noted concept designer Martin Hajek has given us a special […]

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Hong Kong politician watches sexy girls on his iPhone during historic debate

Hong Kong import and export lawmaker Wong Ting-kwong has embarrassed himself after being snapped viewing sexy pics on his iPhone during an important parliamentary debate. Because, you know, helping decide the entire future of Hong Kong isn’t exciting enough! Crazily…Read more ›

It’s sexy time: Hookup apps coming to Apple Watch

When you’re talking about a device like the Apple Watch — which allows you to send something as intimate as your heartbeat to another person — it’s inevitable that hookup apps aren’t going to be far away. That’s exactly what WatchMe88 represents: an app…Read more ›

How to enable that sexy new iTunes Notification Center widget

The advent of iTunes 12.1 gave us a sweet new widget that lets you control iTunes from the Notification Center’s Today section, without ever having to switch to the app itself. You can even favorite songs and buy currently playing…Read more ›

iTunes 12.1 gives Mac users a sexy new Notification Center widget

It’s been over six months since Apple first unveiled iTunes 12, the latest major release of its multimedia mega-app. Updates since then have been few and far between, but today, Apple unveiled the first major update to iTunes 12: iTunes…Read more ›

Sexy new renders show the iPad Pro and 12-inch MacBook Air side-by-side

Photo: Martin Hajek Photo: Martin Hajek The Apple Watch might be Cupertino’s most hotly anticipated product, but for my money, the two releases I’m most excited about this year are the 12-inch MacBook Air and the 12-inch iPad Pro. Outside…Read more ›

Sexy sci-fi car gets 84 mpg, costs less than a Mac Pro

LAS VEGAS — It’s hard to say what’s most amazing about Elio Motors’ three-wheeled car: its sexy frame, its extreme fuel efficiency or its jaw-dropping $ 6,800 price tag. That princely sum — a little less than a 12-core Mac Pro…Read more ›