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‘Shadowgun: DeadZone’ Is Now Available For Free On Your Mac

SCR_005_coreShadowgun: DeadZone, the award-winning multiplayer shooter that has attracted millions of players on Android and iOS, is now available to download on your Mac. Like its mobile counterparts, the desktop version is completely free, and you can even sign into the same account you’ve already been playing with — so all the characters and weapons you’ve […]

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Mobile First Person Shooter, Shadowgun: Deadzone, Goes 2.0 With Massive Update


Madfinger Games announced a massive update to its flagship First Person Shooter (FPS) game on iOS and Android today. There are new maps, weapons, and game content, each of which was created directly from player feedback, including the new “friends” feature.

Rookie players now have a new Special Tutorial mode, while veterans will be glad to see new booster packs for speed, armor, damage, accuracy, and invisibility, along with several  [Read More…]

Shadowgun: Deadzone Updated With New Maps, Weapons, Gangs, Hats

Yup, I said “hats.”

Madfinger Games announced on its Facebook page today an update to multiplayer FPS game, Shadowgun: Deadzone on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. The update includes two new maps, new weapon upgrades, a chat feature in the main menu, a new way to play with groups of friends called Gangs, new hats, Rewards for finishing Zone Control or DeathMatch, and an increase to max player ranks (up  [Read More…]

Madfinger Games Launches Free Multiplayer Shadowgun: DeadZone

The sequel to Shadowgun, one of the better looking third person shooters on smartphones, is out today in the form of a sequel, Shadowgun: DeadZone. This is console-quality multiplayer action brought to your Android phone, and it got to Google Play before the iOS App Store.

The game lets you hop into tactical combat with up to 12 players at a time, letting you battle online across a ton of  [Read More…]

Is ShadowGun Deadzone Finally Ready For Its Cross-Platform Multiplayer Launch?

It’s been nine months since Madfinger Games teased a multiplayer version of its hit title ShadowGun. An early build of the game was demoed at CES back in January along with a YouTube video showing off some in-game footage. A few lucky CES attendees received some hands-on with the game and MadFinger Games claimed a Q1 launch. Well, Q1 has long since passed with no sign or word on the future  [Read More…]