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Apple plans to return $200 billion to shareholders by 2017

Along with revealing last quarters monstrous profits, Tim Cook has announced that Apple is increasing it’s capital buyback program to the tune of $ 200 billion. Apple’s Board of Directors have authorized an increase of more than 50 percent to the…Read more ›

Apple shareholders sue Tim Cook over e-book conspiracy

You’re most probably familiar with the expression “out of the frying pan into the fire.” Having seemingly settled its e-book price-fixing lawsuit by agreeing to pay $ 450 million, Tim Cook and other top Apple execs are now being sued by…Read more ›

Apple shareholders look to cash in anti-hiring controversy with new lawsuit

A group of Apple shareholders are ready to add to the company’s anti-hiring controversy woes with a new class action lawsuit of their own that alleges Apple leadership mislead investors and hurt the stock’s overall value. The lawsuit was filed…Read more ›

Icahn Says Apple’s Mistreating Shareholders, Buys $500 Million More Shares

Carl Icahn’s relationship with Apple has been rocky ever since he became the company’s most loquacious investor last Fall. While ribbing Tim Cook publicly with one hand for not doing a bigger buyback, the other has been busy forking over fat…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple’s Upper Ranks Dominated By White Males, Say Shareholders

Apple has too many white men in its upper ranks, say shareholders who are pressuring the company to add more female and minority directors to its board. In response, Apple has added new language to its board charter claiming that…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Board Asks Shareholders To Vote Against Icahn Buyback

He’s appeared on the cover of Time magazine, and been called a “Johnny Come Lately” by Apple shareholders — and now Carl Icahn has also received a response from Apple regarding his proposed $ 50 billion buyback plan. In short, Apple…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Carl Icahn Rallies Apple Shareholders To Demand Stock Buyback

Carl Icahn, the richest investor on Wall Street who has been pressing Apple to make a $ 150 billion stock buyback, has announced the next phase of his master plan. He has submitted a proposal to Apple shareholders that asks them…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Shareholders Reject Two Proposals On Human Rights And Stock Retention


Apple hosted its annual shareholder meeting today at Apple HQ in Cupertino. There were some big rumors yesterday that Tim Cook would announce a stock split during the meeting, but that never actually happened.

At this years shareholder’s meeting, all the board members were re-elected, and Tim Cook got 99.1% of investor approval. There were two proposals put to vote that Apple did not support, but both of those were struck  [Read More…]

Will Apple Split Stock At Tomorrow’s Shareholder’s Meeting?


Rumors are swirling that Apple, a company which has been having a rocky time on Wall Street lately despite reporting their most profitable quarter ever, might announce a decision to issue a stock split tomorrow at their next shareholder meeting, to be held tomorrow.

The source of the rumor appears to be a tweet from investor and analyst Douglass Kass, who says that :

High above the Alps my Gnome  [Read More…]

Apple Speaks Out: We Might Return Cash To Shareholders

 Apple logo drops

Apple has been treading lightly with Wall Street in recent months. The company’s stock has continued to nosedive despite reporting record earnings for the last quarter. Many investors have been urging Apple to do something with its $ 137 billion cash hoard. Shareholders want a return on their investments.

Greenlight Capital, a prominent Apple investor, has sued Apple over its proposal to eliminate preferred stock. Apple has officially  [Read More…]