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Apple Shareholders Will Get $2.5 Billion Payout Today

Apple investors have been issued a nice dividend.

If you own a lot of shares of Apple stock, today is going to be a great day. For the second time this year, Apple is set to give its investors $ 2.5 billion worth of dividends. This is the second time Apple’s done a payout this year, with the first payout occurring on August 16th 2012.

Apple announced their $ 45 billion stock dividend and  [Read More…]

Apple Considering Sizable Dividend for Shareholders

On Friday, the recent bullish trend of the markets deviated for a beat as heavy selling and profit taking were observed across equities. But among the handful of stocks to remain in positive territory today is Apple. And, as of this writing, AAPL remains within $5 of the $500 per share threshold. As MMi reported earlier this week, AAPL at $500 wouldn’t necessarily signal a major wave in selling. Leading market watchers continue to maintain  [Read More…]

Report Claims Apple Could Issue Dividend to Shareholders Early Next Year

Apple shareholders could be in for sweet new year dividend treat if a report from Bloomberg proves correct. Money manager Howard Ward claims Apple is preparing a significant dividend for its shareholders early next year to the tune of 3% or higher. The source of Wards claims were not revealed in his interview with “Street Smart” on Bloomberg television, but it does fall in line with Tim Cooks reported willingness to consider options for Apples  [Read More…]