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Use Typist to Sharpen Your Typing Fingers Till They Bleed [Daily Freebie]

It’s rarer now, but once in a while I still come across a journalist or blogger agonizingly hunting-and-pecking a story to completion — in a world where a low WPM means starvation (or at least, a diet of Ramen noodles).

It makes me smile, because I used to be like that. I’m much faster now, thanks to an abundance of repetition. But I’m still no maestro — so I’ve employed a secret  [Read More…]

Increase the Contrast of a PDF to Sharpen & Darken Text

Increase contrast of a PDF With Preview you can adjust the contrast of a PDF, this makes the text sharper and darker, and for scans or dubious quality PDF’s this makes them significantly easier to read. Open the PDF with Preview From the ‘File’ menu, choose “Export” Click on the “Quartz Filter” drop-down menu and choose “Lightness Decrease” Choose “Save” For a very practical example, I noticed this was sorely needed after  [Read More…]