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‘Fake Steve Jobs’ lands new gig as Silicon Valley’s sharpest tongue

Dan Lyons, the tech blogger who skewered Apple for years on the popular blog ‘Fake Steve Jobs‘, is making a return to tech blogging as editor-in-chief of Gawker’s anti-Silicon Valley site, Valleywag. Current Valleywag EIC Nitasha Tiku is leaving the…Read more ›

Wahoo Fitness Dongle: The Sharpest Fitness Tool In Your Shed [Review]

Till January of this year, the Wahoo Key for iPhone($ 80) dongle pwned fitness on the iPhone. Why? Because the tiny,ubiquitousdongle gives the iPhone access to dozens of ANT+ sensors, and more fitness apps than any other system turning your iPhone into a fitness-tracking powerhouse. Then in January, Wahoo one-upped itself and introduced the Wahoo Blue Bluetooth heart-rate strap, which completely bypasses ANT+ and instead communicates via low-energy Bluetooth  [Read More…]