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$2,000 Phantom speakers will soon haunt Apple Store shelves

Devialet’s Phantom speaker is a ultra deluxe bit of audio gear, and Apple’s about to favor it with some serious retail real estate as the Cupertino-based company places the company from France’s product front and center in select Apple Stores. If you head to one of them, you’ll see the Phantom starting Wednesday, December 9. […]

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TV station shelves expensive gear to report the news with iPhones

The Apple advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone 6” can now be a line on the closing credits of a Swiss news station, which now does 100 percent of its broadcasts on the iPhone. During the summer, Léman Bleu gave each of its reporters an iPhone 6 kit to shoot their stories and use for live […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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First third-party watch accessory hits Apple Store shelves

You no longer have to depend on the Internet to provide you with third-party Apple Watch accessories, as the company has started stocking them in its gleaming, glass-covered retail locations. The first accessory on offer is a minimalist charging dock that will be compatible with watchOS 2’s Nightstand Mode when the firmware update launches this […][Read More…]

Apple-designed packaging for third-party items hits store shelves

Apple is known for its uncompromising demands on quality, and now it appears that the iPhone-maker is helping third-party accessory makers learn the magic of making beautiful packaging too. Apple Stores have begun stocking third-party accessories with redesigned packaging that…Read more ›

How Apple keeps crappy cases off its shelves

Apple put up a new page on its website detailing the qualifications that third-party iPhone and iPad accessory makers must meet before the company will start selling those products in retail stores or online in the Apple Store. It’s not exactly the easiest…Read more ›

Apple’s crusade to keep Samsung phones off the shelves wages on

If you thought that round two of Apple vs. Samsung was the end, you are sadly mistaken. Although Apple recently won $ 119 million in a second victory against Samsung in patent court, that modest figure is nowhere near enough to…Read more ›

Look At How Beautiful The iPhone 5C Will Be On Apple Store Shelves

9410041528_b64550a303_oScarcely a day goes by that Martin Hajek does not open up AutoCAD and feverishly model something he thinks Apple might be working on, and today, it’s the colorful box of Apple’s so-called “budget” iPhone, the equally so-called iPhone 5C. Pretty snazzy, although I’m not sure I think much of the Lomo filter! These are […]

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Apple TV Pulled From Retail Shelves and Online Stores, Refresh Soon?

The Apple TV sold out across numerous websites earlier this week, and now Apples hobby is being pulled from big-box retailers physical and online stores as well. As of this morning the only major online retailer still selling the Apple TV is Apple.Wal-Mart and Best Buy dont even list the Apple TV on their sites. Amazon has stopped selling it as well. Physical stores across the country appear to have a depleted or non-existent stock  [Read More…]

Empty Newstand Shelves Push Record iPad App Subscriptions [Report]

Want another example of how Apples masterful use of design fuels sales? Like the empty iPod that just screams out for you to buy music, the empty shelves of recently-unveiled iOS 5 Newstand begs to be filled with magazine and newspaper subscriptions. When Newsstand first appears on your iPhone or iPad, the app displays empty shelves. The empty shelf is a powerful enticement just look at your own home.  [Read More…]

Amazon Notices $100 TouchPads Fly off Shelves, Prices Their Tablet Accordingly

According to theNew York Post,Amazon will be releasing an Android tablet for “hundreds less” than the iPad’s cheapest model. The price declaration reported in the Post article pegs Amazon’s Android tablet to be at most $299. The tablets, which have an October release window, will come preloaded with Amazon’s App store and “deep Kindle integration.” Amazon is hoping to succeed where HP failed with its TouchPad by introducing their product at a cheaper initial price  [Read More…]