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How to shield your kid from smartphone cyberbullies

Gabriella van Rij thinks we all need to be kinder to each other — especially online. To that end, she’s leading a kindness movement aimed at eliminating the cyberbullying that can happen when kids get their mitts on the hottest gifts around: smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad. “The truth is,” says van […]

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Shield your iPhone fitness data from other apps’ prying eyes

With the advent of Apple’s motion-coprocessor chip (currently the M8 in recent iOS devices), any apps that you download and grant permission to can use this data to enhance their offerings. This lets apps like RunKeeper, Carrot Fitness, and others…Read more ›

Save up to 57% on our favorite iOS accessories like the Rhino Shield Crash Guard [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals is your one stop shop for all your iOS accessory needs. Find killer deals in store right now on iPhone cases, camera lenses, Bluetooth add-ons, and more at the lowest prices. Read on for the hottest…Read more ›

NVIDIA Shield is a $199 set-top box determined to deliver better games

Android-powered games consoles are almost always a big disappointment, but gaming giant NVIDIA is confident it can change that with the Shield console, a $ 199 set-top box that’s determined to bring you better games. Everything about the Shield is impressive.…Read more ›

Hot deals ending soon: Mac to the Future Bundle, Rhino Shield, iRest, Slidevana [Deals]

New bargains on gadgets, software, and services emerge every day at Cult of Mac Deals. As new deals emerge, older ones must ride off into the sunset. Today we feature 4 hot deals that are ending very soon. Don’t miss…Read more ›

Apple tweaks HealthKit policy to shield your most personal data

Apple may view its mobile health push as a “moral obligation,” but for it to really become the tech leader in this area it’s going to need to ensure that it has user trust on its side. That may help…Read more ›

Last chance to get NoteBook 4 for Mac, Plasma Earbuds, and Hotspot Shield Elite [Deals]

Whether at work or school, Notebook 4 is the easiest way to get more efficient. It gives you everything you need to stay ultra-organized, without nearly as much effort as taking notes with pen and paper. NoteBook 4 stores your…Read more ›

Protect your data with Hotspot Shield Elite [Deals]

The internet is a valuable resource with which to conduct business, study, and play. However, while you are happily surfing the web, sinister elements at every turn threaten to steal your data or render it useless. That’s why you need…Read more ›

The Lioncase Pocket Shield: Thin, Light And Pretty Damn Classy [Review]

b510ba6e04b66f..jpegPocketShield by Lioncase Category: Cases Works With: iPad Mini Price: $32 As ever, I shall start this iPad case review by reminding you that I only ever use a Smart Cover on either of my iPads, the mini and the Retina. And that on the occasions that I might be moved to use a case […]

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X-Doria’s Shield Case For iPhone Is Rugged And Good-Looking [Review]

IMG 0497

The Shield fears no puny five-story drops.

Shield by X-Doria Category: Cases Works With: iPhone 5 Price: $ 40

As you already know, I swing more or less caseless when it comes to iPhones and iPads. I cover the iPad’s screen with a Smart Cover, and have a dedicated jeans pocket for the iPhone. But once in a while eI need something more rugged, and that’s when I reach  [Read More…]