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Argentine authorities catch massive illegal shipment of Apple devices

An illegal shipment of gadgets worth almost $ 800,000, including 500 Apple products, has been seized by Argentine authorities. The products were on their way to Argentina from the U.S., with the aim of avoiding the import restrictions the country puts…Read more ›

Steve Jobs Took This Picture Of The First Shipment Of Apple 1s Back In 1976

Here’s something pretty incredible. This newly surfaced photo shows the original batch of Apple I computers as they are about to be sent out to customers. The photo is believed to have been taken by Steve Jobs himself, in his…Read more ›

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Secret Shipment Of New Apple TVs Arrives In The U.S. Ahead Of September 10th Event

appleTVWith all the hubbub about new iPhones and new iPads coming, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple slipped a small Apple TV update in there too. Although Apple dismisses it as their “hobby,” the Apple TV usually inherits the previous generation A-series chip when a new iPhone or iPad comes out. In this case, it’s […]

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Your iPhone 5 Pre-Order Says “Preparing for Shipment”? Here’s How to Track It Anyway

iPhone 5 preparing for shipment

If your iPhone 5 pre-ordered through Apple still says “Preparing for Shipment” and it’s making you anxious, worry not, it has probably already shipped but Apple’s Order Status page just hasn’t updated yet. In fact, you can start tracking the iPhone right now even though Apple’s order page doesn’t provide a tracking number yet, here’s how:

Go to the UPS Tracking webpage and click “Track By  [Read More…]

$1.7M Shipment Of Worthless RIM Playbooks Hijacked

Thieves aren’t interested in Blackberries, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want RIM’s PlayBooks tablets. $ 1.7 million in Playbooks was recently stolen off a truck on its way from Plainfield, Indianapolis to Ontario, Canada. While the driver took a short pit-stop in Madison County, thieves stole 22 pallets of PlayBooks, totaling 5,200 devices. The best part is that the stolen goods weren’t geotagged by RIM’s supplier, Brightpoint, meaning that thousands of GPS-equipped  [Read More…]

iPhone 4S Shipment Confirmations Surface – Be Fully Prepared To Pimp Your iPhone 4S

One of our MMi readers tipped us off (Thanks Steve!) about receiving a new confirmation for the shipment of their iPhone 4S. Some international users have already started to receive their iPhone 4S orders early. As confirmations such as this one continue to surface, some of you might be seeing your iPhone 4S a day early or so as this happened last year at the time of the release of the iPhone 4 as well.  [Read More…]

Former Samsung Manager Says He Leaked iPad Screen Shipment Data

The long-running dispute between Apple and Samsung has erupted again, this time in an unrelated insider-trading trial. The former manager of Samsung’s U.S. division told a New York City court he leaked shipment data of LCD screens destined for the iPad to a Calif. financial analyst. Suk-Joo Hwang, a 14-year veteran of Samsung, testified he met with a Primary Global Research hedge fund manager in December 2009. The Mountain View, Calif.  [Read More…]

Apple Very Likely To Overtake Nokia In The Smartphones Shipment Volume In 2011

Nokia has been The Number 1 smartphone vendor in the world in terms of shipment volume for a while now. Well this expected to change this year As Apple is forecasted to take Nokia’s Place. 58137-500 Apple has shipped 47.5 million smartphone in 2010, This number is expected to grow to 86.4 million, Thanks to  [Read More…]