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iPad Pro may be available in limited quantities when it first ships

Apple has no problem placing massive orders for its upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus units, but according to a new report the company is treading a bit more carefully when it comes to orders for the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad…Read more ›

Apple Watch Sport ships with a weird tri-sectioned band

Recently, Apple sparked a little bit of confusion when they announced that every Apple Watch Sport would contain two separate bands. People interpreted that to mean that it shipped with two complete bands: one for small and medium wrists, and…Read more ›

Wunderlist 3 ships with brand new design, new pro features, and more

One of the App Store’s most beloved to-do apps, Wunderlist, has received a major redesign and a ton of new features. Wunderlist 3 boats a more polished design on desktop and mobile, new icon, 30 new backgrounds, real-time sync, smart…Read more ›

This day in tech history: The first Apple II ships

On June 10, 1977,  Apple Computer Inc. shipped its first Apple II computer. A hulking beige mammoth with 4KB of RAM (upgradeable to a whopping 48KB), the Apple II was the computer that defined Apple for a generation of fans.…Read more ›

Space Qube: Destroy Aliens, Create Ships [Review]

Every once in a while, an alien threat arises that is so malevolent and so heinous that the only thing to do is send a one-man ship out into space to take them all on singlehandedly. Space Qube by Qubit Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $0.99 (discounted from $2.99) Alright, so […]

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Altec Lansing Ships Verizon-Only ‘The Jacket’ Bluetooth Speaker

altec-lansing-the-jacket  You can’t get Altec Lansing’s new The Jacket iMW455 Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone from anyone other than Verizon, which explains the red and black skins the Jacket comes with. Don’t like red or black? No problem — because, like a moulting lobster, The Jacket’s special trick is its ability to swap skins. The speaker comes with […]

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Apple’s White iPad Mini Sold Out Within Minutes, Now Ships In Two Weeks

After a white iPad mini? You’ll need to go into store if you want one on launch day.

When Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPad mini at 12 a.m. Pacific, I visited the store a few times to see how quickly it sold out. I didn’t buy one; I have a third-generation iPad and decided I don’t need another one. But I was curious.

To my surprise, at 12:03 a.m. Pacific,  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Priced At $199 For 16GB, Pre-Orders Start September 14th, Ships On 21st [iPhone 5 Event]

Apple has announced the official pricing and availability details for the iPhone 5. Keeping in line with previous releases, the base 16GB model will be offered with a two-year carrier contract fro $ 199. The 32GB model will cost $ 299 and the 64GB will cost $ 399. Like always, the iPhone 5 will be available in black and white.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 start on Friday, September 14th. The  [Read More…]

Ping Will Be Sent To The Grave When The New iTunes Ships Later This Year [Report]

Steve Jobs announced Ping as a music “discovery” tool in September of 2010.

Poor Ping. Apples failed iTunes social network experiment just hasnt caught on. Ping didnt get off to a good start when Apple was unable to partner with Facebook years ago, and the service has become a running joke amongst the Apple fan community. According to a new report, Ping will be killed  [Read More…]

Apples Greatest Product Ever Ships Friday

I waded into the mob at my tiny, local Apple store recently and actually heard someone say: Wow: Its like Grand Central Station in here. This Friday, the real Grand Central Station, which is actually called Grand Central Terminal, will itself become an Apple Store. Of everything Apple has ever shipped, I think the store at Grand Central will be the coolest thing Apple has ever done. Heres why. The worlds  [Read More…]