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78% of Thanksgiving mobile shopping took place on iOS devices

Early Thanksgiving online sale reports suggest that Apple devices were once again the platform of choice for people doing their holiday shopping. How dominant were Apple devices in this category? Well, according to analytics firm Custora E-Commerce Pulse, iOS devices accounted for a massive 78.3 percent of all mobile e-commerce orders in the U.S., compared […]

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This Amazon Hack Will Make Online Shopping So Much Easier

Let’s face it: Online shopping is amazing. Given the choice of shopping from home while relaxing in their PJs or fighting crowds and dodging overbearing salespeople, we bet most people will choose to shop online. But shopping online has some drawbacks as well. Mainly, those drawbacks come in the form of having to sift through […]

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Apple adds new Shopping category to App Store

Apple has added a new shopping category to the App Store today, bringing with it a collection of apps that cover everything from auctions, product reviews, price comparisons, Apple Pay apps, and more. App Store users will begin seeing the new category on the App Store today. It may end up on the tvOS App […]

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iOS 9 ad blockers could ruin your online shopping experience

One of the big innovations of iOS 9 was the ability for Safari users to download and take advantage of content blockers. According to a new report, however, ads may not be the only content that is blocked by apps like Crystal. Online retailers such as Walmart, Sears and Lululemon are also seeing their e-commerce sites […]

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Amazon wants to turn your house into a shopping cart

Amazon has made ordering stuff online ridiculously easy with its huge warehouses shipping online orders to Prime members in an instant. Apparently ordering stuff online is just too damn hard though, so today Amazon announced it’s newest creation: Dash buttons. The…Read more ›

Amazon 1-Click shopping is coming to your Apple Watch

Amazon is in the business of making it as easy as possible to spend money on their online store. It should surprise no one, then, that Amazon is already developing an Apple Watch app, which will let customers search for…Read more ›

How a grandma with a bum hip sparked a shopping revolution

A 72-year-old grandmother with a broken hip started the revolution with a television remote in her hand. She pointed it at the screen in her living room in 1984 and bought eggs, cornflakes and margarine. Jane Snowball of Gateshead, England,…Read more ›

iOS devices dominate online Christmas shopping stats

It was a great Christmas for iOS, according to new figures released by IBM, which monitored mobile traffic for online shopping over the holidays. What it discovered was that a massive 57.1 percent of online shopping via a mobile device…Read more ›

Apple Pay’s innovative loyalty program could supercharge holiday shopping

Apple Pay is set to completely change the way we pay for things at the register, and to reward early adopters’ use of the new mobile payments system, Apple is planning to launch a new Apple Pay loyalty program in…Read more ›

Ex-Apple VP Ron Johnson is taking on retail shopping with gadget delivery startup

Ron Johnson revolutionized the retail shopping world when he left Target in 2000 to join Apple and design the entire Apple Store shopping experience with Steve Jobs. Now, coming off a 17-month stint as the CEO of JC Penney, Ron…Read more ›