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How an entire Modern Family episode was shot using iOS devices

Tonight, history is made as Modern Family becomes the first major TV show to ever air an episode shot almost entirely using Apple products — ranging from the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 to MacBook FaceTime cameras. But while Apple… Read more ›

Want a shot at playing Steve Wozniak in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie?

  Always dreamed of playing Apple’s lovable cofounder Steve Wozniak on-screen, but think you missed out on the chance when Hollywood comedian Seth Rogen was cast in the role for the upcoming Aaron Sorkin/Danny Boyle Steve Jobs biopic? Well, there may… Read more ›

‘Modern Family’ will air episode shot entirely with iPhones and iPads

MacBooks and iPhones have been no strangers on ‘Modern Family’ but in an upcoming episode, Apple’s mobile devices are also taking over filming duties too. ‘Modern Family’ plans to be the first major TV show ever to air an episode… Read more ›

One of Sundance’s hottest films was shot on an iPhone 5s

Tangerine has been a breakout hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The indie flick is drawing crowds thanks to a plot that features transgender prostitutes, Hollywood, meth addicts, pimps, and beat cops. But the craziest thing about director Sean… Read more ›

Festive ads shot on iPhone 6 Plus let you enjoy New York in slo-mo

With an estimated 71.5 million iPhones predicted to sell over the holidays, and more buzz surrounding Apple than ever, it’s no surprise that advertisers are keen to muscle in on the action. In the case of digital marketing company Truth… Read more ›

Navy’s laser weapon zaps drones out of sky for $1 per shot

Can you hit your targets when playing an Xbox shooting game? If so, the Navy might just want to put a video-game-like controller in your hands. Except this version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have you aiming a… Read more ›

5 movie sci-fi epics that shot for the moon, and 5 that missed it

Like many movie fans out there I couldn’t be more excited about the release of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, a spectacular-looking space epic from one of the greatest filmmakers working today. While I’m not going to get to see it until… Read more ›

NSFW: First porn shot with aerial drone

Shot on location in San Francisco, this film shows the more human side of drone technology: taking to the skies and filming beautiful people having sex. Porn has always driven the adoption of new technologies, including VHS, Blue-Ray, and the… Read more ›

Bentley’s latest ad was shot with an iPhone 5s, edited on an iPad Air

iOS devices have made tools like video editing more accessible for the general public, but they’re increasingly being used by the pros too. Car maker Bentley’s latest ad, called “Intelligent Details,” was shot and edited using only an iPhone 5s… Read more ›

Shot Trak HD, The GoPro-Style Gun Cam For Hunters

  There’s something utterly terrifying about the above image, which is the promo picture for the Shot Trak HD, an HD gun camera. There’s nothing wrong with hunting (as long as you;re actually eating the animals you’re killing), and I… Read more ›