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9 Awesome Wave Wallpapers to Decorate Backgrounds Like an Apple Product Shot

9 awesome wave wallpapers for Apple gear

Apple has long had a love affair with including incredible ocean and wave imagery into their product shots. They’ve been doing it for years, with some stunning wave and surf photography featured prominently on the screens of Macs, whether it’s from the old PowerBook days, to even right now on Apple.com with the iMac, Retina MacBook Pro, and iPad Mini. Clearly there are some people  [Read More…]

Turn Off the Screen Shot & Empty Trash Sound Effects in Mac OS X

Mute icon in Mac OS X Anytime you take a screen shot in Mac OS X or empty the trash you hear a little sound effect that accompanies the action. With a screenshot it sounds like a camera shutter clicking, and with the Trash it kind of sounds like a bunch of papers being crumpled and dumped out.

Cute sound effects, and they certainly serve their purpose of alerting a user to  [Read More…]

Shaq Begged Steve Jobs To Give Him An iPhone Before It Came Out, But Got Shot Down


NBA hoops legend, Shaquille O’Neal – or as his friends call him, ‘Shaq’ – is used to dominating foes on the basketball court, but when he went up against Steve Jobs he got a heavy dose of his own medicine.

The Big Artistotle has come out of the closet. He’s a geek. In fact, he says he was a geek before geeks were cool. Back when the original iPhone was announced, Shaqtus  [Read More…]

Apple And Google Continue To Lead The Smartphone Race By A Long Shot [Report]

In the race to the top of the smartphone market, it’s only Apple and Google now.

There are two fighters left in the battle for market share dominance in the mobile space: Apple and Google. Android powers Samsung’s flagship handsets, and the Korean company continues to crush Apple in terms of sheer volume of units sold. Without Android, Samsung wouldn’t be near as successful.

But Apple is showing incredible growth, especially in  [Read More…]

‘The Nails’ Is An Incredibly Scary Horror Movie Shot Entirely On An iPhone [Halloween Video]

Over the course of the last five years, there have been a lot of movies with the gimmick that they have been shot on the iPhone, but few have pulled it off as well as this incredibly scary little short film made by Clement Deneux for the 2012 Disposable Film Festival, a film festival dedicated to short films shot on smartphones and either pocketable cameras.

It’s called Les Ongles, or The Nails,  [Read More…]

Change the Default Screen Shot File Name in Mac OS X

Change Screen Shot File Name in Mac OS X

Screen shots taken in Mac OS X save to files prefixed with �Screen Shot� in the file name, but this can be changed with a defaults write command to anything else.

Change the Default File Name of Screen Shots Launch the Terminal and type the following command, replacing �OSXDaily� with the file name you wish to use

defaults write com.apple.screencapture name “OSXDaily”

Now  [Read More…]

Show the Mouse Pointer in a Screen Shot

Mouse Pointer visible in a screen shot

If you�ve ever taken a screen shot in Mac OS X you�ll notice the cursor is nowhere to be found, even if you�re taking a screenshot of something like a menu in use. By using Grab, you can take screen shots showing the mouse pointer though, and it�s even somewhat customizable.

Launch Grab, located within the Applications Utilities folder Pull down �Preferences� from the Grab  [Read More…]

[Review] Replace the White Flash Screenshot Animation With A Camera Iris With Iris Shot

Replace your screenshot animation with a better one.

One part of iOS that seems boring is the screenshot animation. I think that most of us can agree that seeing a white flash that goes off in our face is neither appealing or impressive. If you want to try something new, then check out a new jailbreak tweak dubbed�Iris Shot�by iOS developer�Nikos Lykousas�that will replace your screenshot flash animation with the Camera iris animation that you see every time that  [Read More…]

The Avengers Was Partially Shot Using An iPhone! [Video]

On May 4th 2012, Marvel is scheduled to culminate its last four years of superhero movies with The Avengers, the Joss Whedon helmed ensemble super hero movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, Chris Helmsworth as Thor and Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow.

But did you know that parts of The Avengers were shot on an iPhone? Yup. Apple Fans Assemble!


According to Avengers cinematographer  [Read More…]

Leaked iPhone 5s Screen Shot Shows 64GB Of Storage Space

Recently, Rumors of the iPhone 5 has been all over the internet as a picture that was claimed to be shot with� the iPhone 5�s 8-MP camera has been posted. Now PocketNow has posted a screen shot claimed to be f an 64GB iPhone 5.


The screen shot shows a 64GB iPhone 5 running  [Read More…]