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A Picture Shot By The iPhone 5s 8 – MegaPixel Camera

The picture shown after the jump is claimed to be taken by an iPhone 5?s 8 Mega-Pixel camera, according to PocketNow. The picture looks amazing with very high resolution.

iphone camera

This (very attractive) photo claims to have been taken by an iPhone 4, but the rest of its EXIF data tells a different  [Read More…]

Great Shot: British Journal of Photography Arrives on iPad

BJP on iPad

There�s a treat for photography fans this morning, with the launch of the British Journal of Photography�s official iPad app.


Issue 1 is a free download � 400MB, space-saving fans � but you get a lot of stuff for your bandwidth. There�s a feature about photographers who�ve moved from still to moving images (which explains the rather jarring animated front cover photo of a model  [Read More…]

PictureMe Enable You To Add Timer & Rapid Shot To iPhone Camera [Video]

PictureMe is a new Cydia tweak that gives you an amazing feature which is lost form native Camera app, PictureMe allows you to add timer and rapid shot functionality to the iPhone camera app.

You won’t find a new icons added on your homescreen, you can adjust PictureMe settings from inside the Camera app. PictureMe is available via Cydia Store under BigBoss repo for $ 1.99

360-Degree Videos Shot On iPhones Soon From YouTube [Video]

Judging by the amount of money invested in the GoPano Micro project on Kickstarter, a load of people have been biding their time, just waiting for an opportunity to film panoramic videos using their iPhone 4. As the video below shows, the viewpoint can be controlled just by swiping the screen�but that doesn’t mean the other perspective is lost for good.

Previously-recorded video can be viewed from any angle, so you’ve not got any excuse for  [Read More…]

iPad 2s Music Video Shot [Video]

This music video was shot solely on 4 ipad 2‘s. The video was released in 20 hours of when the ipad 2 came out. Remedy Films shot and released the music video for ‘Need’ by Eddy using 4 iPad 2s only 20 hours after the device was released. “We knew it wasn’t designed as a professional videocamera in the slightest, so we would be Stuck with whatever results we got. We probably shouldn’t have filmed in a dark setting, but  [Read More…]

HD 720p Video Sample Shot from iPad 2 Rear Camera

With the news that Apple�s iPad 2 would feature not one, but two cameras, the debate has been whether the rear-facing one would be up to snuff or not. We have found this video on YouTube that is claimed to have been shot on an actual iPad 2, we can all make our own minds up.

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