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This is pure speculation, but I have a suspicion that when Microsoft fired the person responsible for naming the Windows Phone 7 Series Phones, that same person was snapped up by the folks at Ballistic. For how else could you explain the “IPHONE 5 BALLISTIC EVERY1 SERIES CASE,” a case so badly labelled that it even shouts its name?

If you don’t mind a little bulk in your rugged case (and who would? – after all,  [Read More…]

Apple Issues Shout Out To Devs Calling For iCloud And iOS 5 Apps Today

Apple�s issued the call to all Mac OS X Lion Developers to submit their iCloud enabled OS X Lion apps today. Shortly after this first request went out Apple also asked iOS developers to submit their iOS 5 apps today.   The cat is out of the bag with Apple�s announcement about iClouds release on October 12th. So users can expect to see the release of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2  [Read More…]