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Real or Fake? Alleged White iPhone 6 Shown in Videos & Pictures

A device claiming to be a functioning and activated white iPhone 6 model with 4.7″ display has been shown in a series of videos and photographs coming out of China. In the images and video, you see what appears to be the standard iOS home screen, elements of iOS running in Chinese language, and what … Read More

Working iPhone 6 with new Passbook icon shown in likely fake leak

Pictures of what is allegedly a working iPhone 6 have surfaced on the Chinese social network Weibo. While tons of parts have leaked up to this point, this is the first time we’ve seen what appears to be the device…Read more ›

How to Add & Edit Stocks Shown on Notification Center of iPhone

Swipe down from the top of your iPhone screen and you’ll bring about Notification Center, a nice overview panel which shows a weather forecast, calendar events, commute time, and stocks and their performance on the day, amongst other gathered notifications. While you can customize what’s shown here by toggling switches within the Notification Settings, what’s … Read More

Change the Number of Files Shown in “Open Recent” Menu Items of OS X

Adjusting the number of files in the Recent list

The File menu in just about every file-centric application throughout OS X has an “Open Recent” option, which displays the 10 most recent files that have been used in that given Mac app. While 10 recent documents is a fair amount, many of us prefer to have more recent files visible in those Recent Files menus, and that’s what we’ll show how to  [Read More…]

MOGA’s Upcoming iPhone Gamepad Gets Shown Off In Leaked Trailer [Video]

On Friday, we caught an early glimpse at MOGA’s upcoming iPhone control pad, the Ace Power, thanks to leaked photos that were published ahead of its official debut. And now we have a leaked trailer, too. The 30-second clip shows…Read more ›

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Leaked iPhone 5C And iPad 5 Parts From China Shown Off [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 12.04.43 PMWe’re getting to the stage in the Apple rumor mill when next-gen parts start leaking left and right out of the supply chain overseas. Multiple parts for the iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone 5C, and upcoming iPads have already surfaced. Now alleged parts for the upcoming iPhone 5C and iPad 5 have been partially assembled and […]

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Google Babel Gets Shown Off In Leaked Screenshots


Babel, a new chat service rumored to be on its way from Google, has been shown off in a bunch of leaked screenshots ahead of its official unveiling. The images reportedly come from a Google employee, and they show Babel running on a desktop. Not only do they confirm the service’s name, but also a number of its features.

Google Babel has been the subject of many rumors in recent months,  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial: Staggering Rout Shown In Final Verdict Form

Apple won the patent infringement trial against Samsung and received a huge damages sum.

Apples victory in its patent trial against Samsung is already a few hours old but the shock of the damage tally is still hard to shake off. The final figure of $ 1,049,393,540.00 is a staggering rebuke of Samsungs design and manufacturing process and may force the company toward more original ideas.

The completed jury verdict form, released  [Read More…]

AT&T Data Throttling Shown on Video

Youve probably heard the talk of AT&T throttling heavy data users, but now we can see its effects ourselves and its probably worse than you thought. AppAdviceDaily put together the video up top, skip in about a minute ahead and youll see a side-by-side comparison of download speeds on a throttled vs non-throttled iPhone 4S. The speed difference is gigantic, as low as 0.07mbps on the throttled account vs 1.8mbps on the normal account. Throttling is only supposed to impact  [Read More…]