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It’s enough for some people just to plunk one value into a box and watch the conversion come out the other end, but we’re savvy here, right? The newly released free version of Aperture Mobile’s Converta app thinks you are,… Read more ›     

‘Just…’ Shows You Only The Photos You Want

Just… — Photo & Video — Free Photo-sharing social apps like Instagram are fine and all, but most of them have one flaw: You can’t tell them not to show you pictures of people’s lunch if you don’t want to… Read more ›     

It feels like it’s taken forever for Siri Eyes Free — the in-car Siri functionality first unveiled in 2012 — to actually start popping up in a meaningful number of cars, but the new ad for the Chevrolet Equinox highlights… Read more ›     

Customize What Shows in the iTunes Sidebar

The iTunes sidebar is now invisible by default, but if you’re one of us who like to show the sidebar all the time you may also want to customize what’s visible in it. This lets you control whether or not to hide or show any of the iTunes library media types that are visible in … Read More

Ever wonder what’s happening during Cult of Mac’s live blogs of Apple keynote events? Here you go, courtesy of our invisible documentary videographers at Vooza.     

There are very few computers in history more famous than the Macintosh 128K. As a result, it’s pretty hard to unearth any new information about it. Fortunately, that is exactly what Time.com has managed to do, having discovered a video… Read more ›     

During the NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers today, Apple has posted a new advertisement for the iPad, emphasing their tablet’s creative powers and the iPad’s ability to inspire and create. The tagline is… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS — Remember Anki, the little iOS-powered toy car app that Apple brought up on stage for its World Wide Developers Conference last year? We got to catch up with them at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show to talk… Read more ›     

Which phone users are the smartest? According to a peer-reviewed scientific study online intelligence test by renowned university British betting company Ladbrokes, the answer is iPhone owners. The “results” were gathered from a data set of 1,000 respondees, whose time… Read more ›     

Ever wonder why it takes most Android phones ages to get the latest version of the OS? Well, a recent infographic from HTC sheds some light on the anatomy of an Android update — detailing all the steps involved from the pre-announcement PDF through the finished version arriving on your phone. Seeing that there are […]        [Read More...]