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Apple is planning to launch its new streaming music service in less than a week and the company plans to pack a lot of star power to get iOS users to tune in. As part of the new Apple Music… Read more ›

Based on the highly acclaimed novel of the same name, The Martian will chronicle astronaut Mark Watney’s incredibly plausible scientific survival on the surface of Mars for four years in a habitat designed for 30 days. With Matt Damon in… Read more ›

Drawing an entire new movie by hand is a long, hard, tedious process, but the animators at Disney have a hidden trick up their sleeves: they recycle footage from older animated films into new ones. In a new video showing… Read more ›

This toilet demo shows how astronauts boldly go in space

We have a reinvigorated interest in the mysteries of space. Astronaut Scott Kelly is just beginning a record-breaking stint in zero gravity, a space probe is about to fly by Pluto and manned missions to an asteroid and Mars are… Read more ›

Apple’s new microsite shows how iPad changes everything

Apple Watch is getting all the attention and iPhone is scooping up all the sales, so Apple is has decided to launch a new microsite today, dedicated to all the amazing things you can do with an iPad. The new… Read more ›

Apple Watch has a known issue where it doesn’t exactly play nice with tattoos. For some wearers with dark wrist tattoos the device can’t detect if you have a pulse, but according to Conan O’Brien, it’s not really glitch if… Read more ›

Video shows Apple Watch ‘Tattoo-gate’ in action

People seem to be enjoying their new Apple Watches, but one technical mishap that has clouded the release for some is the fact that the Watch doesn’t work properly for many users sporting arm tattoos, because the wrist detection feature which uses light… Read more ›

The latest celebrity to flaunt an Apple Watch is none other than Queen B herself. Today Beyonce posted photos of herself at Coachella wearing the 18-karat Apple Watch Edition and a custom band you can’t buy. One of iTunes’ most… Read more ›

Virtual teardown shows what makes Apple Watch tick

Like an autopsy performed on a cadaver that’s yet to be born, slick new renderings dissect the Apple Watch and show off its shiny guts. Since few normal people have an actual Apple Watch in hand, concept artist Martin Hajek… Read more ›

What if the $ 17,000 Apple Watch Edition with Modern Buckle band isn’t fancy enough? For the chosen few, it turns out that Apple has a custom Link Bracelet band made of solid gold. Renowned clothing designer Karl Lagerfeld showed off… Read more ›