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Showtime is now available on iOS and Apple TV without a cable subscription

Apple TV owners can finally access all of Showtime’s series and movie without a cable subscription starting today. Following in the path of HBO Now, the company just launched it’s stand-alone streaming package that works on iOS devices and Apple…Read more ›

Apple snags Showtime for yet another streaming exclusive

HBO made a splash with its streaming service HBO Now, and now its cheaper rival Showtime is ready to get in on the action too with its own streaming service that’s also launching exclusively with Apple. Starting in July, iPhone,…Read more ›

Get your Showtime Anytime with Apple TV

Apple TV added Showtime’s new on-demand video service, Showtime Anytime, to the list of channels available to Apple TV user in the U.S. today. The Showtime Anytime service has been available on a number of other set-top boxes, including the…Read more ›

Showtime App For iOS Now Lets You Tune Into Live TV

showtimeanytimeProviding access to old episodes just isn’t enough for  cable channels to be competitive on iOS anymore. The latest trend is to allow users to tune into live TV if they have a cable subscription. ABC, Time Warner, and ESPN are all doing it, and now Showtime is jumping in too. Showtime Anytime 2.0 hit […]

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