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Now, Siri won’t shut up about Apple’s ‘amazing’ event

Siri may be able to keep a secret, but once word gets out, just try to stop it from sassing you about it. Apple’s digital assistant is now chock full of sass in the aftermath of the company’s event today, at which it revealed new models of the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. All you […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Nest buys home-automation rival Revolvr to shut it down

Nest has acquired Revolv, the Colarado-based startup which allowed users to control their smart home devices from a single interface using their smartphone. No price has yet been announced for the purchase, which follows Nest’s $ 555 million Dropcam purchase back in…Read more ›

Shut Up, Meg! Screenshots Tease New Family Guy Game For iOS [Gallery]

With the success of The Simpsons: Tapped Out, it’s no surprise that Family Guy would also want to get in on the mobile action. First announced back in December, Fox and TinyCo have now released the first screenshots of the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Popcorn Time, The Netflix For BitTorrent, Has Shut Down

Last week we told you about Popcorn Time, a new desktop app that was essentially like Netflix for streaming movies over BitTorrent. We were one of the first sites to pick up the app, and since then it has been…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Get Fast Access to Sleep, Shut Down, and Restart Controls in Mac OS X

OS X Power controls for sleep, restart, shut down, etc

Many longtime Mac users may know the handful of keyboard shortcuts to instantly reboot, shut down, and sleep Macs, but for those who haven’t memorized the precise keystrokes yet, a much safer option is to instantly summon the power controls for OS X instead. This allows you to choose the power option you need while also providing a measure of safety  [Read More…]

Consumers Expected To Shut Up And Smile As Verizon Donates $1.25 Million Of Stolen Money To The FCC [Rant]

Perhaps you’ve heard the “great” news about how Verizon has to dish out $ 1.25 million to the FCC for violating the FCCs C Block rules, requiring licensees of C Block spectrum to allow customers to freely use the devices and applications of their choosing. If you’re just hearing about it, let me give you the gist of things and then you’ll get to hear me rant.

Back in 2008 there  [Read More…]

Ex-Mac Clone Maker Shut Down By Steve Jobs Now Makes Robots To Buy Your Old iPhone [CES 2012]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 Mark Bowles has a long history making money off of Apples designs. Back in the mid-90s, Bowles helped put together the funding for Power Computing, the first company selected by Apple to make Mac clones. The investment paid off big-time when Steve Jobs came back in 1997 and bought Power Computing for $ 100 million, just to kill  [Read More…]

UK Advertising Group: Shut Up, Samsung! The iPhone 4 Is The Thinnest Smartphone Around

Samsungs bragged for awhile that the Samsung Galaxy II is the thinnest smartphone around, but as the Korean gadget maker so often is, theyre full of it and now the UKs Advertising Standards Authority is talking smack, saying that the worlds thinnest smartphone isnt an Android device its the iPhone 4.   Techcrunch reports: The ASA ruled that since the iPhones thickest point is thinner than the Galaxy S IIs  [Read More…]

Fake Apple Stores in China Begin to Shut Down, But Apple Has Nothing To Do With It

Those impressively fake Apple stores in Kunming, China, were undoubtedly destined for doom after they enjoyed global fame last week. Two of the five stores have already been shut down, but surprisingly, Apple has had nothing to do with it.   Instead, the Chinese authorities have stepped in and closed the stores because they lack the proper business licenses, according to Bloomberg. Over 300 electrical good stores were inspected in the  [Read More…]