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How to Disable Apple Pay Lock Screen Access on iPhone X by Side Button Presses

Ever picked up iPhone X and found Apple Pay credit cards on screen? Or have you pulled iPhone X out of a pocket or bag and discovered that Apple Pay is open on the lock screen? This is from a new Apple Pay access feature that iPhone X enables by default, which allows the devices … Read More

How to Adjust Click Speed of Side Button on iPhone X

The iPhone X side button performs an impressive array of functions, working as a power button, a screen lock button, a summon Siri button, summoning Apple Pay, accessibility shortcuts, part of the snapping screen shot sequence, part of a steps to force restart, and more. That’s a lot of work for a single iPhone button! … Read More

Learn to hack for the light side for whatever you’re willing to pay [Deals]

The term ‘hacker’ has been hijacked by popular culture to be synonymous shady, nefarious people using their mastery of computers to wreak havoc. Obviously that’s not true, and hacking — which really boils down to the act of taking something apart to see how it works and how it might work better — operates on […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Never before seen Steve Jobs video highlights CEO’s gentler side

Steve Jobs had a reputation for being a bit of a tyrant in the work place, but a new video released by Apple on the 4th anniversary of the Apple co-founder’s death gives fans a closer look at Steve’s softer side. The never before seen video was sent to Apple employees yesterday and obtained by […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Silicon Valley giants take Samsung’s side in legal battle against Apple

A number of Silicon Valley technology giants have backed Samsung in its legal battle against Apple. Documents confirm Dell, eBay, Facebook, Google, and HP all took the South Korean company’s side in a “friend of the court” brief on July 1.…Read more ›

Peek inside the just-opened Apple Store Upper East Side

A New York building that once housed a bank has been transformed into a pristine Apple boutique. The Apple Store Upper East Side opened Saturday morning, giving a swarm of shoppers a chance to try on an Apple Watch in…Read more ›

Upper East Side Apple Store will open June 13

If you’re in and about New York after June 13 you’ll have an extra Apple Store to check out, since that marks the date when Apple will open its new retail location on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Signage was put up overnight,…Read more ›

Apple builds massive side stage for iPhone 6 event

Apple just made its September 9 iPhone/iWatch event official by sending out press invites that revealed pretty much nothing other than the date of the event. To add to the mystery of what could be an Apple double-feature, with both the…Read more ›

The iPhone 6′s Lightning cable could be reversible on the USB side too

With the next-gen USB 3.1 standard now heading into production, the USB connectors of the future will be a lot more like Lightning. Featuring small, reversible connectors, the new USB Type-C cable will be particularly well suited to syncing and…Read more ›

The King of Fighters will unleash its musical side in new iOS game

I’m a massive fan of SNK’s King of Fighters franchise, to the point that I own a 4 CD compilation of the series’ soundtracks over the course of its lifetime. Which is why I’m incredibly happy to hear that SNK…Read more ›