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How to View Wi-Fi Networks Signal Strength on iPhone or iPad

Want to see a wireless networks wi-fi signal strength from an iPhone or iPad? That’s easy enough, and you have two quick and simple ways to view the wi-fi signal strength of a currently active wireless network right from iOS, and you can even see the signal strength of other nearby networks too. The first … Read More

How to Stop Signal Showing Message Previews on Locked Screen of iPhone or iPad

Signal is the encrypted messaging app that is used by many privacy conscious individuals on various platforms, but the Signal app defaults to showing a message preview on the locked screen of an iPhone or iPad, which may be convenient but it’s not particularly private. Given that Signal is typically sought out by users specifically … Read More

How to Setup & Use Signal on Mac or Windows PC

Signal is the popular encrypted messaging app that lets you send and receive encrypted messages across platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. This makes Signal an excellent choice if you’re a Mac user or iPhone user that also wants to instantly communicate in a secure manner with someone else on a Mac, PC, … Read More

View iPhone Cellular Signal & Battery Life from Mac OS X

The Instant iPhone Wi-Fi Hotspot feature in OS X is incredibly useful if your Mac is on the go or you need an alternate internet connection, but even if you’re not aiming to use the cellular internet sharing capability of iPhone there are some other handy uses for the feature, like checking two of your … Read More

Stylish metallic iPhone case minimizes signal loss, but stays on for good

I’m torn these days between wanting a functional wallet-style case for my iPhone and something a bit more minimalist. I tend to switch cases as I need them because I haven’t found a one-case-fits-all solution that works for me. The…Read more ›

Does Apple’s deal with IBM signal ‘the end of desktop?’

Does the iOS-centric IBM-Apple deal equal the end of the road for desktops? Absolutely it does, if you believe Bob Tinker, CEO of the newly-public company MobileIron. Discussing the recent alliance between the two tech giants during his company’s first…Read more ›

Meter lets you customize the signal bars on your jailbroken iPhone

If you’ve never really understood why Apple decided to make the iPhone’s signal bars circular in iOS 7 (I haven’t, either), then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll soon have the ability to change it, thanks to an upcoming…Read more ›

Linkase Pro LTE Case Claims To Boost The iPhone’s Cell Data Signal

  Like its predecessor, the new prototype Linkase Pro LTE iPhone case supposedly boosts your iPhone’s ability to connect to the Internet. But where the previous version was claimed to strengthen the iPhone’s wifi radio, this new LTE version is…Read more ›

Angry Birds Fishing Lures Signal The End Of Civilization

Angry Birds fishing! Nope, it’s not the name of an awesome cross between Angry Birds and Ridiculous Fishing. Instead, it’s what you could do IRL with these ridiculous Angry Birds fishing lures. That’s right: Angry Birds fishing lures.

The lures come from Rapala, a company which makes all kinds of gear for the riverside relaxer (aka fisherman), and the various models not only look like the birds from the  [Read More…]

Use Your Mac To Check The Signal Strength Of Any Bluetooth Device [OS X Tips]

Bluetooth Strength

If you use Bluetooth as much as I do, you’ll know that there are times when it works flawlessly and times when it does not. Many of the issues around sound quality of a Bluetooth speaker or the performance of a Bluetooth keyboard have to do with the strength of the signal going between your Mac and the Bluetooth gadget.

Here’s a simple way to check the signal strength  [Read More…]