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How to Check IPSW Signing Status

Whether or not an IPSW firmware file is signed determines whether or not you can use that IPSW to update iOS or whether or not you can downgrade iOS to a prior version. Put simply, if an IPSW firmware file is not being signed by Apple through their servers, it can not be used to … Read More

Apple Music adds 20,000 indie labels by signing Beggars Group and Merlin

Indie musicians haven’t been too keen on Apple’s music streaming service that originally planned to cut them out of a paycheck for three months. Now that Taylor Swift has won her battle against Apple Music, thousands of indie artists are…Read more ›

Thousands of people are already signing up to ResearchKit medical studies

You can keep your new ultra-thin MacBook and your high-priced Apple Watch if you want; for me, the most exciting announcement at Monday’s “Spring Forward” Apple keynote was the announcement of ResearchKit: a new open-source iOS framework that essentially turns…Read more ›

So long, iOS 8 jailbreak: Apple stops signing iOS 8.1.2

Bad news, jailbreakers. Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.1.2, the last jailbreakable version of the iOS 8 operating system. That means that unless you already have iOS 8.1.2 installed, you won’t be able to jailbreak using existing methods until another…Read more ›

Chinese Students Are Signing Up For Horrific Loans To Buy Apple Products

Apple will have 7 retail stores in China come Saturday.

There are some people in China that will do almost anything to get their hands on a new Apple product. One guy even sold his kidney. But if you don’t want to sell a body part, Chinese students have decided to accept some truly horrific loan terms just to buy an iPhone.

The China Daily reports that more than 20,000 college students  [Read More…]

McAfee Revokes Key For Signing Mac Apps, Anarchy Ensues


McAfee has told customers of its antivirus applications for Mac to “just allow untrusted certificates” after a company administrator accidentally revoked the digital key used to certify its software. For more than a week, users have been unable to install McAfee products on a Mac, and the company’s only workaround so far is to allow untrusted certificates, which could pose risks to its customers’ machines.

Ars Technica reports that Apple’s certificate revocation list states the  [Read More…]

Apple No Longer Signing iOS 5.0.1

The inevitable window has finally closed. Apple has officially ended the signing period for downgrading back to iOS 5.0.1 for all iDevices. A5 devices are now immovable from iOS 5.1 if they have been updated until a solution for downgrading can be found. SHSH blobs will not do you any good for downgrading an A5 device at this time. A4 devices on the other hand, which support iOS 5.0.1 firmware, can be downgraded only if  [Read More…]