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Silicon Valley nerds get new boss in Season 3 trailer

Silicon Valley, the HBO comedy about the hard knocks of startup life, is coming back for its third season this April, and based on the first trailer that was released today, it’s going to be every bit as whacky as the first two seasons, if not more. The Pied Piper gang gets a new CEO […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Silicon Valley giants take Samsung’s side in legal battle against Apple

A number of Silicon Valley technology giants have backed Samsung in its legal battle against Apple. Documents confirm Dell, eBay, Facebook, Google, and HP all took the South Korean company’s side in a “friend of the court” brief on July 1.…Read more ›

This adorable 2-year-old is the cutest Pirate of Silicon Valley ever

Many babies these days have to wear an eyepatch to correct vision problems. That’s why the two-year old girl above, Layla Grubb, is wearing the best eyepatch ever: an ’80’s style Apple logo, pasted over her left eye. Talk about…Read more ›

Former Apple exec Scott Forstall advises one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups

The greatest Apple mystery of the last few years hasn’t been the next iPhone or Apple Watch, but a man named Scott Forstall. Since getting kicked out of Apple in late 2012, the former head of iOS and friend of…Read more ›

‘Synergy, Bitches:’ Silicon Valley premieres right after Game of Thrones

For nerds of all stripe, this Sunday night will be an imploding black hole of greatness, with the Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones, and, right after that, the Season 2 debut of our favorite tech-themed dramedy, Silicon Valley.…Read more ›

Future Macs won’t run on silicon chips

Intel’s Broadwell chips are late. The 14-nanometer wafers, which are believed to be integral to the much-rumored Retina MacBook Air, are due soon, but still not here. But Intel’s already looking forward. At this week’s 2015 International Solid-State Circuits Conference,…Read more ›

The beta nerds of Silicon Valley are back in season 2 trailer

The first season of HBO’s half-hour comedy series about a bunch of nerds trying to change the world with code is headed back to your television screen this coming April. HBO put up a trailer for the hotly anticipated premiere…Read more ›

‘Fake Steve Jobs’ lands new gig as Silicon Valley’s sharpest tongue

Dan Lyons, the tech blogger who skewered Apple for years on the popular blog ‘Fake Steve Jobs‘, is making a return to tech blogging as editor-in-chief of Gawker’s anti-Silicon Valley site, Valleywag. Current Valleywag EIC Nitasha Tiku is leaving the…Read more ›

Fake Apple ad campaign protests Obama’s Silicon Valley visit

Apple’s legendary iPod ads have been nothing less than iconic, but a California street artists has turned the famous marketing campaign into an anti-Obama parody ahead of the President’s visit to area. President Obama just wrapped up a quick fundraising…Read more ›

Can hardware incubator Highway1 be the new Silicon Valley startup garage?

SAN FRANCISCO — The iPhone has changed the way we do everything, from finding a date to finding a meal. Now it’s about to change the way innovative hardware gets made. With smartphones manufactured in such massive quantities, basic components like chips…Read more ›