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Lost iPhone’s impossible journey starts in Oklahoma grain silo, ends in Japan

If you’re anything like me, losing your iPhone is nearly a weekly occurrence. Kevin Whitney has the same problem, except when the Oklahoma farmer lost his iPhone it traveled halfway across the world. Whitney accidentally dropped his iPhone into a grain…Read more ›

Silo App, A Slick And Simple To-Do List For iPhone, iPad And Mac

If there’s one note that’s almost guaranteed not to be in any of the zillions of to-do apps spread across your devices, it’s “Find new to-do list app.” However, should you actually have that entry scribbled down somewhere that you can actually find, then you can now cross it off the list: The app in question is called Silo, and it’s pretty slick stuff.

Silo comes in iPad, iPhone and OS  [Read More…]

Quick Look at Silo Inks Refillable Ink Cartridges

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/IWORLD 21012 Silo Inks refillable ink cartridges are the last inkjet cartridges youll ever buy, according to the company. It offers a lifetime replacement guarantee to back that up. Once installed, the cartridges are refilled from bottles of ink, which cost about $ 15 and are good for 10 refills. A special chip that makes the cartridges appear as new to the printer after a refill. A set of refillable cartridges cost between $ 100 and $  [Read More…]