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All New 12″ MacBook Released in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold

Apple has released an all new redesigned unibody MacBook with Retina display. The new Mac laptop looks absolutely gorgeous and is intended to be extremely portable. The computer is available in a trio of colors, much like the iPhone and iPad, don’t miss the specs and gallery images below, this is one impressive portable Mac. … Read More

The Retina MacBook Air could land next year in slate gray, silver, and gold

Ever since the release of the Powerbook G4, and with the exception of the plastic models, Apple has exclusively released it’s MacBook laptops in aluminum gray. But according to a new rumor, that may not last much longer. According to…Read more ›

iPhone 6 mockup showcases silver and space gray variants

We’re less than three months away from the iPhone 6, and with more rumors and leaks heaping up about Apple’s next generation iPhone on a daily basis, a consensus view has emerged about what it is that we’re expecting. With…Read more ›

Behold! The iPad Mini 2 In Silver And Space Gray!

Yesterday, we saw new pictures of the silver and space gray iPad 5, and today, we see the same thing, shrunk down a spell: the iPad mini 2, in space gray and silver, natch. There’s not much to tell about these photos that we don’t already know. The iPad mini 2 will adopt the iPhone […]

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More Photos Of Silver And Space Grey iPad 5 Surface, But Where’s The Gold?

If you don’t know what the upcoming fifth-gen iPad is going to look like by now, you just haven’t been paying attention. We’ve seen leaks on leaks of both the next 10-inch iPad and the second-gen iPad mini, each of which sport a slimmer, more streamlined design. More photos of the iPad 5 in Space […]

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How Jobs Director Brought ‘Brutally Honest Character’ To Silver Screen

Joshua_Michael_SternIt’s not easy making a posthumous movie about the world’s most well-known and beloved control freak. Just ask Joshua Michael Stern, director of new Steve Jobs biopic Jobs. The film delves into the early days of Apple Computer as Stern paints a picture of a man he calls a “brutally honest character.” Don’t go into […]

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Theme Mac OS X with an Ultra-Minimalist & Clean Silver Appearance

Greyscale Mac OS X desktop UI Mac OS X doesnt really have themes in the traditional sense, but you can create themes of sorts yourself by applying a few system tweaks. Weve shown you how to do this before with a retro-inspired Classic Mac OS appearance and making OS X look like iOS, and now well show you how to bring a nice looking modern minimalist greyscale appearance to OS X:  [Read More…]

HTC Finds S3 Patent Silver Bullet Bounces Off iPhone, iPad Threats

Photo by izensun – http://flic.kr/p/7Qu37E

Not all patent defenses against Apple are created equally, HTC has learned. A trade court told the Android handset maker its shiny bundle of $ 300 million S3 patents arent infringed by Apples iPhone or iPad, and just partially by Mac OS X. The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled two HTC-owned S3 patents arent valid infringement cases while restraining the scope of the two others. While ruling Mac OS X were infringing about two  [Read More…]