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SimCity: Complete Edition is a glorious city building time suck

SimCity: Complete Edition is the most up-to-date version of EA and Maxis’ fourth iteration of the seminal metropolis building simulator and it’s out in the Mac App Store right now. I launched the game last night at around 8:00 pm.…Read more ›

SimCity 4 Deluxe Lands On Mac, And It Looks Stunning

Fancy building your own glittering high-tech utopia, or a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis? Either way, gamers will be happy to know that SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition today became available for download, exclusively in the Mac App Store. Combining both SimCity 4…Read more ›

EA Promises SimCity For Mac Installation Issues Are Now Fixed

SimCity-Mac  SimCity’s launch on the PC earlier this year was nothing short of embarrassing for EA, with server problems making the title physically unplayable for those who purchased it. So you’d have thought that the gaming giant would have put extra effort into ensuring everything went smoothly when SimCity finally made its debut on the Mac this Thursday. […]

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SimCity On Mac Is Looking Like Another EA Launch Disaster

SimCity Meteor_656x369When SimCity launched for the PC earlier this year, it was a total debacle. Huge swathes of players could not actually play the game they’d purchased at launch, because SimCity perversely required a persistent internet connection to play. The result was that players experienced long loading times, constant disconnections, crashing and the loss of saved […]

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‘SimCity’ For Mac Set For August 29th Release Date, Says EA

simcityMacOriginally planned as a June 11 release, Sim City is now going to release on August 29, 2013, according to a tweet today from EA’s official SimCity Twitter account. Joining another hotly anticipated game release for the Mac, Bioshock Infinite, SimCity will hopefully be ready for prime time and not delayed again. SimCity came out […]

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SimCity For Mac ‘Not Ready’ For June 11 Release


EA’s latest SimCity game was scheduled to arrive on Mac next week, but the company has announced that it will be delayed because it is “not ready for primetime yet.” Mac gamers won’t see the title until August now, with EA working to provide “a great experience” for those on OS X.

Many would argue that SimCity wasn’t ready for primetime when it hit PC back in March, with server issues preventing early adopters from actually playing  [Read More…]

SimCity Coming To Mac On June 11, Those Who Bought It On PC Get It Free


EA and Maxis have today announced that their latest SimCity game is coming to the Mac on June 11, and pre-purchasing will begin tomorrow, April 11. The title will be available to download through Origin for Mac — which launched earlier this year — and those who have already bought the title on PC will get the Mac version for free.

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New “SimCity” Coming To The Mac In 2013

EA has announced that the next major installment of SimCity will be headed to the Mac in February, 2013. The game will debut on both the PC and Mac, but PC users have access to an early beta starting tomorrow.

The Mac version of the new SimCity will be available as a digital download through EA’s Origin. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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