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New iPhone 5s Jailbreak Lets You Simulate Home Button Using Touch ID

With the iOS 7 jailbreak finally worth installing on newer iPhones and iPads, it seems the floodgates have finally been opened. Virtual Home is one of the first Touch ID based jailbreak tweaks available for the iPhone 5s. Working with…

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SkySafari App Lets You Simulate Cassini’s Deep-Space Snapshot Of Earth [Daily Freebies]

Above: Cassini orbiting Saturn ten days before the imaging event, fully illuminated in sunlight. Simulated by SkySafari Pro on an iPhone 5.Some space geeks are calling today “The Day the Earth Smiled,” because the Cassini probe is set to take a picture of our planet as seen from Saturn later this afternoon. To honor this momentous occasion, the maker of astronomy software SkySafari is giving away basic versions for iOS and  [Read More…]

Simulate Fake FaceTime Video Calls On iPhone 4 With Fake-A-Call App [VIDEO]

Ever been in such an embarrassing social situation that you�d be willing to do anything to get out of it? How about faking an incoming phone call? If you own an iPhone, you can get Fake-A-Call, a new app that lets you fake incoming calls (including FaceTime calls) and hopefully get away with it.


This app, now available on the iOS app store, really does work as advertised, but how accurately? A lot: the call screen is  [Read More…]